Yoga Teacher Training



Love yoga? Want to learn more? Ready to take your practice to a new level of depth?

Gain a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy, develop confidence and find your voice. Together we will learn how to take our yoga practice off the mat so that we can make awesome happen… One Down Dog at a time!

Teacher Training meets 2 weekends of every month – see below for upcoming dates.
Graduates are able to register with Yoga Alliance at the RYT-200 Level upon completion.

About One Down Dog

What You Get:

  • The chance of a lifetime to connect and bond with rad individuals on a journey of self-discovery and growth
  • The ability to teach, lead and inspire individuals with fun, safe, engaging and empowering yoga classes
  • A deeper understanding of yoga history and philosophy – take the yoga off the mat
  • Confidence! Through the process of facing and overcoming fears, we will learn to trust ourselves and quiet our inner critic.
Meet The Teachers

What we’ll learn:

  • Yoga history and philosophy as applicable to our 21st century western lives
  • How to sequence a safe and kick ass class
  • How to create the greatest yoga playlists around
  • How to inspire others through your practice and teaching
  • Principles of anatomy/physiology and how to apply them in a yoga class
  • Alignment, benefits & potential risks of asana
  • The ability to observe and see bodies in order to offer modifications and adjustments
  • To give safe and effective hands-on adjustments
  • How to use props to improve safety as well as increase strength and flexibility
  • Intro to Ayurveda, meditation, pranayama, prenatal yoga and chakras
  • The business of yoga: how to market yourself and build a following

Our 200 hour teacher training is a transformational experience in which you will gain a deeper understanding of all things yoga while becoming a part of a likeminded community (read: ODD FAMILY). For those who want to teach, this is the beginning of a successful career as a yoga teacher! Learn to teach. Teach to learn.

What people are saying
Hallie A. | One Down Dog Teacher Training

I tried yoga for the first time in college but didn’t practice regularly until about 4 years ago. I enjoyed yoga because it was a way to de-stress and help ease the pain from working behind a computer all day. It never crossed my mind that I would want to be a yoga teacher until I went to One Down Dog. I met a few teachers and they all loved teaching, I had never “loved” any job! A few months passed and a teacher mentioned to me that Jessica was going to lead One Down Dog’s first teacher training at the end of the summer. I was working 10+ hour days at the time, miserable in my job, and I thought I would never be able to juggle that kind of commitment with my current day job. Maybe when I got a new job and had better hours I could entertain the idea of signing up. I have friends who have completed yoga teacher trainings at other studios and they always say, “It changed my life!” or “It was the most amazing experience!” I realized I needed a change and it was never going to be the “right” time. I could keep putting it off, or I could sign up and try something new. So I did it! Before I started teacher training, I felt stuck in my job. I would wake up every day and dread going to work. I had always been a driven person, I always knew what I wanted, but here I was, complacent and clueless about what my next steps would be professionally. In teacher training, we learned about goal setting, something I had always done, but at this point in my life I wasn’t chasing any career goals. Early on in our training, we set lofty goals for ourselves and I wrote down what I wanted to be doing for a living and what I dreamed of. A week before training ended, I landed the job I envisioned at the start of training. You could say it was a coincidence but I don’t think so. If it wasn’t for training and my new way of thinking, I never would have scored an interview for the position. Training has also helped me further my practice. I am stronger than I have ever been, inside and out. I would recommend teacher training to anyone who is curious, wants a change or wants a challenge. The experience is difference for everyone, so what will your experience be?

Hallie A.

Maureen C. | One Down Dog Teacher Training

I highly recommend the One Down Dog Teacher Training. I have been practicing yoga for years and teacher took my practice and understanding of yoga to the next level. It is an extremely welcoming and supportive community and provides the perfect environment for personal growth. It’s not just about yoga, it’s about life!

Maureen C.

Taylor B. | One Down Dog Teacher Training

When Jessica, the owner of the studio, announced they were doing a teacher training, I jumped at the chance to immerse myself in all things yoga. Over 6 months, I met with the group and learned so much about everything from philosophy to pranayama to ayurveda. I have learned so much and have an even deeper appreciation for both the practice and the teachers at this studio! Anyone who is interested in learning more about yoga and possibly teaching yoga should sign up for their next training!

Taylor B.

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Thursday 6/2 7:30-10pm
Saturday 6/4 10:30-6:30pm
Sunday 6/5 10:30-6:30pm

Thursday 6/23 7:30-10pm
Saturday 6/25 10:30-6:30pm
Sunday 6/26 10:30-6:30pm

Thursday 7/7 7:30-10pm
Saturday 7/9 10:30-6:30pm
Sunday 7/10 10:30-6:30pm

Thursday 7/21 7:30-10pm
Saturday 7/23 10:30-6:30pm
Sunday 7/24 10:30-6:30pm

Thursday 8/4 7:30-10pm
Saturday 8/6 10:30-6:30pm
Sunday 8/7 10:30-6:30pm

Thursday 8/18 7:30-10pm
Saturday 8/20 10:30-6:30pm
Sunday 8/21 10:30-6:30pm

Thursday 9/8 7:30-10pm
Saturday 9/10 10:30-6:30pm
Sunday 9/11 10:30-6:30pm

Thursday 9/22 7:30-10pm
Saturday 9/24 10:30-6:30pm
Sunday 9/25 10:30-6:30pm

Thursday 10/6 7:30-10pm
Saturday 10/8 10:30-6:30pm
Sunday 10/9 10:30-6:30pm

Thursday 10/20 7:30-10pm
Saturday 10/22 10:30-6:30pm
Sunday 10/23 10:30-6:30pm

Thursday 11/3 7:30-10pm
Saturday 11/5 10:30-6:30pm
Sunday 11/6 10:30-6:30pm

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