5 Benefits of Working One on One With a Yoga Instructor


When you work with a personal trainer at the gym, they have your best interest in mind. They will show you how to safely work with the equipment. They want you to see results. You could say the same when you hire a private tutor for a course or the SATs. They take the time to work with you, so you succeed and ace that test. That’s exactly what it is like when you work with One Down Dog in private yoga sessions! We’re here for you and want you to be the best yogi you can be.

Here are five benefits of private yoga classes:

1. Private Yoga Classes Are All About You, Baby! 

Our attention is on you and your needs! There are no other students in a private yoga class so we can focus on you 100%. We understand that group classes aren’t for everyone and a private, more intimate setting might be where you thrive. This is especially helpful for those just starting out with yoga, anyone coming back from an injury, and those who might be concerned about safety. 

2. Take Your Yoga Practice to the Next Level 

If you’re working on hitting that arm balance, getting upside-down into a handstand, or want a greater understanding of alignment in pigeon, let us help you! We can make the session about workshopping a certain pose or area of the body. The work we do doesn’t have to be physical either. Yoga is more than Asana (the poses)! Our sessions together can be all about breathwork, mindfulness and how to apply yogic principals off the mat.

3. You Can Ask Questions in Real-Time 

In an in-person or online group yoga class, you can always stay after and ask the teacher questions but half the time you might not remember what you wanted to ask! When you work one on one with an instructor, you can ask questions during the session for a deeper understanding of the practice! You will never be shushed for talking during a private yoga session!

4. Practice Yoga on Your Schedule

Any time, any place! It’s a fantastic track by Janet Jackson … but it’s also how our scheduling process works. If fitting group classes into your day is a challenge, let us work with your schedule. We can come to you at home or work, host you at our studios, or practice together online! Morning, noon, or night — we can make it happen. You’re busy, we get it, but don’t let that be an excuse for not practicing yoga and taking care of yourself. 

5. Become a Student of Life! 

When you are always learning and growing, this can help in both your personal and professional life:

· Seeking out learning opportunities strengthens our brains

· We can learn from our mistakes and develop resilience

· Encourages compassion for ourselves and inspires behavioral patterns that increase happiness

These are just a few reasons, and there are hundreds more. Let’s talk more about scheduling a private yoga session with One Down Dog! A private session can also make a wonderful gift 😉 

Email us and we’ll work out the details for your first private yoga class.