8 Stress-Relieving Holiday Gifts for 2020


Heyyyyyy friends! It’s your friendly Director of Steez back again for ODD’s Holiday Gift Guide 2020 edition! Needless to say, this year has been a TRIP, and being able to create a soothing space to practice at home has been so important for my sanity. Here are some of my fave stress-relieving gift ideas that can add some sparkle to you or your loved ones’ newly founded home studio.

8. Yoga Props ($14-$77)

I truly cannot recommend having a full set of props at home enough. Having my own set of blocks ($16/each) has been a game-changer. They make me feel so empowered during class! Similarly, I love having a bolster ($77) at home. It can be used as a meditation cushion, an addition to savasana, or to lay on the floor when you just need a minute, ya know? I’ve also found I’ve been in need of some extra support and comfort over these last few months, so having a strap ($14) and a blanket ($48) for my knees has been key!

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7. Worthwhile Paper Notebooks ($16)

Because who doesn’t love a cute journal moment? Writing things out is a great stress reliever, and journaling before/after class, or at the end of the day is a great habit to get into! 

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6. Yoga & Exercise Mats ($84 – $92)

For the person who used to continuously rent mats out from the studio, or is always practicing on a mat that leaves a trail of ‘mat confetti’ behind (you know who you are), a great mat can really change your practice for the better. My absolute faves are the Manduka PROlite (they last forever!) and the Everyday B Mat (the grip is incomparable!) 

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5. Silk Eye Pillows ($24)

These silk eye pillows are stuffed with lavender and can be slightly warmed in the microwave, or chilled in the refrigerator as a super sweet addition to savasana, meditation or before bed! 

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Silk Eye Mask ($38)

If you have trouble sleeping these days, these are GREAT and make me feel so fancy! Buy now >>

4. Soulversations Card Game ($30)

Full of thoughtful questions, this game is an “opportunity for you to get past the small talk, re-experience your childlike wonder, and connect with others on levels of real understanding.” Something we can really all get behind since we might be feeling a little disconnected from our friends and family right now. 

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3. Inner Oracle Candles ($30)

For the person who could use a little extra magic in their lives, these candles come with charged crystals to give them a boost of energy!

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2. Spirit Speak Tarot Deck ($45)

This beautiful hand-drawn deck comes with a detailed guidebook, so it’s great for beginners and tarot experts alike. You can also pair this with our Tarot workshop as a fun add on to this gift!

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1. Massage Balls ($14)

These will never not be on my holiday gift guide, but they have been especially important these days. Between all the extra sitting at home I’m doing and just the general stress of 2020, my muscles are TIGHT and since I can’t go get a massage, these are the next best thing! Pair these with our amazing Knead A Deep Release online workshop, and you’ve got yourself a gift that everyone can enjoy!

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Happy Gifting!
Sofie, Director of Steez at ODD