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Best yoga studio! I’ve tried a number of yoga studios over the years I’ve lived in the LA and I think I’ve seen them all or at least it feels like it. I’ve been to ones that feel like I stepped into a Hollywood nightclub as everyone is full-face make-up with the skimpiest trendy yoga gear on and where the instructor makes you feel like shit as they bark commands at you and give you attitude if you can’t complete a pose or series. I’ve been to studios on the opposite spectrum where they bust out a mini organ and everyone starts chanting and you feel like a total outsider because everyone around you seems to know the club’s secret language and they chose not to share it with you.

One Down Dog is the first yoga studio where you will feel totally welcome the first time you step into their space. It’s completely free from judgement, play killer playlists, and you get a great workout (if you hit the Sweat class) or a great stretching and meditative experience in the Chill class. All the instructors I have taken classes with are fun, welcoming, encouraging and simply lovely peeps. Parking hasn’t been a problem for me when I have driven, but the great part is I can walk to the studio from my house. – Mer S.

Jessica of ONE DOWN DOG is the real deal.  She brings an enthusiasm to her class that’s infectious.  Her yoga philosophy takes you deeper while moving and breathing, yet she doesn’t take herself too seriously (as evidenced by her music and dancing and humor)!  Having practiced at multiple studios in Los Angeles, this has quickly become one of my faves, and I look forward to more with this studio.  It’s yoga with an edge.  You can take one look at the site and understand there is something fabulous and distinct about ODD! – Amy B.

It is always nice when you uncover a hidden gem of a yoga studio among the endless list of cookie-cutter and overpriced options that exist in LA. One Down Dog is focusing on the essence of what makes Yoga great and the instructors and owners take the time to get to know you and make you feel a part of the family. There will also ensure that you are enjoying and gaining the most of your practice which is very important and often overlooked in larger class formats.  It is also very accessible in Silverlake with a prime location near Sunset Junction. I highly recommend Arielle’s Sunday morning workout if you want to work up a sweat and really make the time count! Plus the music selection is great and you will have a great time. Keep it up One Down Dog and I will see you soon! – Lauren F.

Jessica’s yoga classes are amazing. Jessica instructed the first formal yoga class I had ever taken and it really changed my life. I used to think yoga was very strict and feared being judged by those more advanced in their practice, but all of my reservations quickly went away and I felt invigorated by how awesome I felt once I rolled up my mat. Jessica makes everyone feel welcome and ensures that even if its your first or 50th yoga class, its an enjoyable experience.  The combination of upbeat and fun music as well as varied flows keep the classes interesting and challenging and I always leave feeling better than when I came in.  In the year that I’ve been practicing with Jessica, I’ve grown stronger both mentally and physically and feel better equipped to handle the challenges of everyday life.  – Rachel S.

Jessica is one of the main reasons I kept coming back to class when I started practicing yoga about a year and half ago. She immediately puts you at ease, and any fears you may have about yoga quickly disappear in her presence. She makes practicing yoga so much fun, and you can feel how much she loves teaching her students. The benefits of taking her class go well beyond the physical! What she teaches in class can help you better live your life, the minute you roll up the mat. – Amanda C.

I always leave Jessica’s classes with a smile on my face, knowing that both my mind and body had a nice work out. Physically, her classes are always challenging, yet she encourages each person to focus, not on how our body bends and folds, but instead on how each pose makes us feel. Looking inward to find the outward strength to try something new, push a stretch a little bit more, to achieve some kind of shift of energy. With encouraging and motivational words, Jessica inspires you to be yourself on and off the mat and be happy with doing the best you can. The music is extremely fun and provides a laid back and casual atmosphere, one in which everyone can feel comfortable and have a good time. Often, if I need to work something out in my head, I purposefully go to one of Jessica’s classes to temporarily let go of whatever is bothering me, so that I can come back to it with a clear head and fresh perspective. Leaving Jessica’s classes will definitely provide that extra bit of motivation and energy needed to deal with whatever lies ahead off the mat. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, the yoga flow might even turn into a dance party! – Lolita B.

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