Affirmats Yoga Mat Giveaway

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what’s better than a yoga mat giveaway?!


An Affirmats yoga mat giveaway, that’s what!

what is an Affirmat you ask?

Affirmats are yoga mats that are made to make you happy and inspire a smile on the inside, even when that down dog split is the last thing you’d like to be doing right now. Your Affirmat positively affects you and those practicing around you. No slipping. No sliding. It’s a win-win type of situation.Β  Check out why we love Affirmats here!


From April 10-20th we will be taking pictures of things that get us high on life, make us feel good and affirm our daily practice. Each day there will be a theme, so follow along to get in on the #highonlife challenge! We will pick one lucky winner from all those that post to win a FREE Affirmats yoga mat. On the last day of the contest we will be having a Yoga Dance Party that will be sure to get you feeling high! At the dance party, we will raffle off a second Affirmats yoga mat to one lucky winner… it could be YOU!! Sign up for the Dance party NOW to secure your spot.

photo contest guidelines:

  • follow One Down Dog on Instagram (don’t forget FB and Twitter too!)
  • follow Affirmats on Instagram (why not like them on FB and follow on Twitter too?!)
  • post pics your pics with #highonlife #affirmats #onedowndog (why not tag us too?)
  • for every photo you submit, your name will be entered into a drawing – the more you post, the higher your chances are to win!
  • on Tuesday April 23, 2013 we will announce the winner so stay tuned!!

Live your yoga… on and off the mat!