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What to Expect in REFUGE and CONNECT

Have you ever taken a glance at the Monday afternoon/evening schedule in Silverlake and seen “REFUGE” or “CONNECT.” You probably thought to yourself, “What is that? Are those yoga classes? Workshops? I’m confused.” Today on blog, we’re taking the time to learn a little more about these two unique class offerings at One Down Dog. Unlike any other classes at our studios, REFUGE and CONNECT are only offered once a week across all of our studios. So these classes are really special! Keep reading to learn what to expect from these two classes from the instructor, herself, Sarit Rogers.

REFUGE: A shelter, safety, a sanctuary.

I’m a trauma-informed yoga teacher, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, writer and photographer as well as a long-time dharma practitioner. I am also in recovery and have been since 6/13/1993. I am a founding member of Refuge Recovery, a Buddhist approach to recovery, using the 4 Noble Truths and 8-fold path to heal from our addictions (drugs, alcohol, process addictions, you name it). Finding a sanctuary where we can park our shoes outside and bear our hearts on the mat isn’t always an easy feat in Los Angeles. I created REFUGE to fill that spot.

What it is:

  • A gentle vinyasa flow
  • Trauma Informed
  • Mindful (weaving the 4 foundations of mindfulness in or one of the path factors of the 8-fold path)
  • Accessible
  • Compassionate
  • All levels

Who you are?

  • Curious
  • Willing
  • In recovery
  • Not in recovery
  • Stressed out
  • Anxious/Depressed
  • Human

What is Trauma Informed?

  • Invitational language
  • Limited to no hands-on assists
  • Consent, consent, consent
  • Options/Choice



CONNECT? What is that?? Is that a plug in a wall? Are we playing a board game??? I am so confused!

Fret not. This is easy!

It’s an asana free class. Yeah, you read that right. ASANA FREE!

CONNECT is all about community building. And the best part? You don’t have to do much other than bring yourself, curiosity, and an open mind. There is typically a theme (one week it might be gratitude, another it might be how we deal with chaos, and other might be what makes us laugh) One week, we talked so much about food, it occurred to us that snacks would make a great addition!

So here’s the deal: CLEAR YOUR Monday nights! Come hang out at Refuge, bend, breathe, shake it out, dance (this happens on occasion!), create that sanctuary within yourself. Refuge is what happens when a chill class makes out with a yin class that made out with a vinyasa class that made out with the dharma. Curious yet?

Come find REFUGE in Silverlake every Monday at 5:15pm, and CONNECT right after at 6:45pm.