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Favorite Pregnancy + Postpartum Resources

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This is a long post… because there is SO much to learn from the time pregnancy begins into the next chapter of postpartum you. With anything major in life- it’s best to have a team, support system, and resources by your side. Below are resources for pregnancy and postpartum – instagram accounts, One Down Dog… Read more »

2020 Reflections

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We have LOVED reading your reflection responses from last week’s newsletter. Take some time to read about growth, moments of pride, and advice to our past (and future) selves. How have you changed in 2020? “With so little within our control, I’ve been working on choosing the things, experience and people that truly bring me… Read more »

Putting the 5 Niyamas into Practice

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The 8 limbs wake us up to our highest potential and truest self! The Yamas and Niyamas are the first 2 of these 8 limbs and provide tools to reduce suffering as we interact with ourselves and the world.  YAMAS – relationship with the world (RELATIONSHIP) NIYAMAS – personal observances (LIFESTYLE) The niyamas offer a… Read more »

The Language of Tarot

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This past Saturday, I attended a friend’s backyard birthday party. It was a familiar scene as we gathered under the trees, drinks in hand, catching up around the fire pit. Then Gel gave me that sly smile: “Did you bring your cards?” I did—I almost always do. So then and there we sat down on… Read more »

#ODDlight Family Feature: Liza Thoms


Each month we bring a teacher into the #ODDlight and illuminate their interests, practices, and who they are. There is a real person behind those people you see in the studio!   Name: Liza Lucia Stratton Thoms Nick Name: Lulu, Grizz, Luchita Hometown: Fairfax, CA up in the SF Bay Area Favorite Place: Swimming in the ocean/floating in a river or lake… Read more »

One Down Dog’s 2015 Lowdown on All Time Highs

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HOW is it already 2016? WHAT HAPPENED TO 2015!? Well – here’s the lowdown. One Down Dog opened the Eagle Rock location! We gained TONS of new teachers and saw some ODDfamily spread out across the country. New classes and types were added, our first Sculpt/Sweat training, a new Massage Therapist, MIND our donation meditation class,… Read more »

Yoga Gift Giving Guide


The get is in the give!  It’s hard to come up with unique gifts that align with what somebody wants and what you want for them. Shopping at your ODD-est little yoga home can lead the way to a sweet simple gift that says “hey! I thought lots about you! To help you find that… Read more »