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Advanced Training: Asana, Anatomy, and Teaching Part 1

October 19th 6:00 PM - December 3rd 6:00 PM
One Down Dog Silverlake
Led by:
Niki Saccareccia and Sam Akers

This 72 hour advanced training takes place over the course of 4 weekends.

Gain a better understanding of how different forms are presented in postures and learn how to assist individuals in a group class setting while still thoughtfully managing the collective.

This module is for those who have completed a 200 hour teacher training and want to deepen their understanding of the body to enhance compassion for all bodies and abilities.

Expect daily asana practice, group discussions, lectures, a lot of body observation, and practice teaching.

Oct 19-22 Body Reading with Sam

This weekend will train your eyes, through a compassionate lens, to see what your students can't see. You will leave being able to offer them (and yourselves!) a new and integrative experience of yoga for alignment, based on the Anatomy Trains, joint and stretching research. You will feel excited by the new ways in which you will be able to assist and educate your students so that they are able to continue to practice, in ways that offer the most benefits for their bodies. "We must bring the asana to the body, not force the body into the asana."

Nov 3-5 Integral Anatomy with Niki

Nov 9-12 Understanding Common Conditions & Pain with Niki

This weekend we'll study anatomy of the core and spine, the deep front line and illiopsoas complex, the nervous system and its role in pain. We'll cover considerations and best practices for working with people in pain including how your teaching approach potentially effects your students: pace, tone, sequencing for load and accessibility - both in a group class setting and in private practice. We'll discuss applications for common conditions like lower back pain, disc herniation and spinal fusion, sciatica, scoliosis, limited range of motion, chronic pain and arthritis.

Dec 1-3 Teaching Advanced Asana


When & Where:

Fridays from 6 to 8pm - in person or online

Saturdays & Sundays from 9am to 6pm (in person at one of our Los Angeles studios TBD)

Cost: $1,250

Payment plans available. Please email with any questions!

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