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Angela Gui

Princeton, NJ
Favorite Song/Artist:
Slenderbodies, Stravinsky, tool, Hozier, Portugal. the Man, Kendrick Lamar, alt-j - a lot of gooey stuff.
Odd Fact:
I have a 22-yr-old snake named Quentin!
My Class Style:
Come for something to challenge and align body, breath, and mind. We’ll explore familiar shapes in new ways and create new shapes in familiar ways. In my class you will be guided through an inquiry-driven practice with an emphasis on joyful agency and whole-body connection. I hope that you leave my class feeling inspired, present, and with a sense of calm that persists throughout your day.
I came to yoga for ordinary reasons: to manage anxiety, stress, and what I recognize now as disembodiment. Since then, I have been enthralled by the diversity of ways we move- how the body becomes a laboratory for connection to the self. I’ve been fortunate to learn from many great teachers and have trained in Astanga Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga as well as modern movement modalities that synthesize new and unique ways of exploring the body. My classes (and my practice) are inspired by traditional lineages, modern methods, and their interactions.

Student Review

"Honestly, I've always been iffy about Yoga due to a not so great experience. However, my experience at this studio with Angela was very different. The front desk staff was welcoming and friendly as well. This was the best yoga class I've ever been to. Every movement was intentional and guided well. The cues were great and understandable for this yoga noob. There was a lot of hip opening and for someone with chronic back pain, I appreciated all of the spinal movements and stretches.

Angela provided great corrections and her voice was gentle and helped me to really fully concentrate on being present. I'm sitting here writing this review over an hour after class with my body still relaxed, almost as if I had gotten a massage. I will definitely be back."

-- Crystal P.  Dec '22

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