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Maddy Murphy

Cleveland, OH but I lived in Denver, CO for 6 years
Favorite Song/Artist:
This changes every week as my other job is in the music industry and I have a wide range of musical interests BUT if I had to choose, I love indie rock/psychedelic rock, and weirdly enough pretty much any band from Australia I'm into. I'm always seeing music, it's my other passion!
Odd Fact:
I'm half Lebanese and proud of it!
My Class Style:
In my classes, you can expect to move freely, be challenged, and have agency. In a world where we are told what to do too often, I encourage students to listen to themselves for once! You can expect creativity, spaciousness and caring when you attend my classes.
Hi, I'm Maddy with another nickname of Mads. I am truly happy to be here! I believe that yoga is key to embodiment and feeling in both our human bodies and beyond. As both a Yoga Teacher and Breathwork Facilitator, I believe in calling in the entire human experience into my classes to establish emotional intimacy and somatic safety within the body. I try my best to weave breathwork variables into my sequencing that allows you, the mover, to be with self. I am passionate about growing alongside my students and pride myself on being an approachable yoga teacher and human being. I am a forever student and always will hold the desire to grow.

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