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Rebecca Watson

Tinton Falls, NJ
Favorite Song/Artist:
Odd Fact:
I’ve always loved the outdoors; but I lived in LA for 4 years before I ever went hiking. 🤪 Now I’m out on some hills as often as I can be!
My Class Style:
I love watching practice unfold with curiosity, strength, creativity, softness, and a healthy dose of playfulness. Expect well-considered flows, with some detours off the beaten path, and lots of room for us to explore what we each need, together. 

I found yoga to help ward off an impending quarter-life crisis, and have been deeply hooked since 2003. I showed up to my first 200 Hour teacher training in 2006 (not fully knowing what to expect); and I’ve been sharing the practice in many fashions ever since.

I have been blessed to study with many great teachers both in the holistic & spiritual realms, and the movement & mobility realms. I know that folks will resonate with various paths, and I have learned to trust in the breath and in this process beyond boxes and titles.

I have trained extensively in Prana Vinyasa, Kundalini Yoga, Ashtanga + Rocket, and Acro Yoga. I offer a full spectrum of Vinyasa yoga practices, from soothing and restorative, to sweaty and challenging. Opportunities for ease and exploration are offered in each class. All are welcome. All students and seekers — all bodies, all abilities, all hearts. See you on the path.

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