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Yoni Berk

Novato, CA
Favorite Song/Artist:
Odd Fact:
When I am not instructing or practicing yoga, you might find me DJing around southern California, producing electronic music, or listening to NPR.
My Class Style:
I like to fuse happiness & laughter through the empowerment of the body, mind and soul. Expect strong sequencing that flows between a rigorous pace, and steady mindfulness. A non-intimidating yoga flow class that will strengthen your body and musical taste.

Yoni Berk is a new dad and former musician with over 15 years of yoga teaching experience. He teaches a strong but non-intimidating vinyasa flow style class with lighthearted and positive energy. He strives to create a class that is fun, empowering, and ever-changing to meet the needs of his students. Dividing his time between teaching yoga and dad duties, he prides himself in being a great caretaker for all those around him. Each month he curates a unique playlist for his classes that can be found on his Spotify. Hope to see you in class!


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