Give Back – make a difference

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At One Down Dog we are strong believers in paying it forward to make a difference. After all, what’s the point of having if you’re not willing to share? What’s the point of getting if you’re not willing to give? We would not be where we are without the help and support of so many generous individuals and businesses. We want to do the same for others – to afford others the opportunity to live their dreams. We believe in using the teachings of yoga to make an impact. We believe in service. We believe in giving it away to keep it. And most importantly, we believe in the power of sharing.



Through the offering of community and donation classes we are able to serve those unable to afford a regular yoga practice.

LAMP – Our instructors lead a weekly yoga class on the LAMP campus for employees and the homeless to experience the calming and transformative benefits that yoga has to offer.

TEEN YOGA – Upon opening our new location we will offer teen yoga twice a week followed by a process group where participants can share, connect and support one another. Class will be by donation – all are welcome.

DONATION CLASSES – We will offer donation based classes in our second yoga room and throughout the community at local parks for those unable to afford a monthly rate.



Every quarter we will align with a cause or idea we support. Be it a student’s big dream, an organization in need, or an individual going through tough times we will dedicate three months to helping them out. During those three-months, we will promote the selected cause via social media and a studio spotlight. We will offer opportunities for our community to get involved financially or by donating their time and/or services. In addition, we will contribute 5% of our quarterly profits to the cause. Through marketing exposure, financial assistance and lots of love, we will help people to realize their dreams and create awesome lives through our #makeawesomehappen give-back plan.

Example: A student has started an organization to aid in the LA River clean up. They are in need of helping hands, exposure and funds. We post a picture and write up of the organization on our #makeawesomehappen board located in our lobby. We write a blog post dedicated to informing our community of their plan and promote them via social media as well. We help the student to network with community members that may be able to offer them support and help facilitate trades of services and goods as well as organize a clean up group. In addition 5% of our quarterly profit is donated to the cause. As a result, our student is able to organize several clean ups, has gained community and media exposure through our marketing efforts and has the funds to continue the project’s forward momentum.

How we pick: We choose causes we can stand behind that benefit our community directly and make a difference in the lives of others. We require that all recipients have a give back plan of their own so that they may pay it forward. Have an idea or know of something great we should align with? Hit us up, or leave a comment below!



For those interested in becoming a part of the One Down Dog community that are unable to afford the cost of a monthly membership we offer opportunities to work in trade for classes, teacher trainings and other services. Hours are flexible and based on the needs of both the student and studio. Interested? Email us!