How to Choose YOUR Best Yoga Mat

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Carmen here– your One Down Dog retail manager and fellow yogi. If you have a regular practice, then it’s time to upgrade from that cheap mat you found at Marshall’s and upgrade to a yoga mat that will support you through every down dog and savasana.

Here are 5 important things to consider when choosing a yoga mat (and my recs!):

5. Sweaty palms? Go grippy!

If you are like me and sweat easily (seriously it’s even happened to me in CHILL class) you might want to consider something with grip. If you find your hands slipping and sliding, a rubber mat may be for you!

Manduka EKO® LITE Yoga Mat 4mm ($78.00): The OG mat that keeps our ODD fam from slipping! It’s eco-friendly, biodegradable and made from non-Amazon harvested tree rubber. It comes in rich colors and fun prints.

The B Mat Everyday 4mm ($84.00): The newish kid on the block and an ODD fam fave! Founder, Andrea Morris was inspired by her family’s manufacturing and technology company and turned the rubber used in carpet pads into the B mat. It’s eco-friendly, grippy, and comes in all the colors of the rainbow!

4. How are those knees? Go thick!

I’ve been spoiled by being at home and doing yoga on the carpet this year and boy were my knees shocked when I returned to in-person classes! (My balance however 👌). You can always bring a blanket along for extra padding but if you’re looking for a thicker mat, these are great!

The B Mat Strong 6mm ($96): This mat offers extra padding for your knees and grip for those sweaty hands, best of both worlds!

3. Looking for a reliable classic?

For when you just want the best standard mat around, which also comes with a lifetime warranty, look no further than this yoga fave!

Manduka PROLITE® Yoga Mat 4.7MM ($92): Your yoga mat for life!

4. Choose a color that suits your practice.

If I’m not in the shop when you come to pick your special mat, there’s always one thing I ask: What color are you ok with seeing every time you are in down dog?

Some of us find bubble gum pink fun and others of us prefer a nice neutral charcoal.

5. Try before you buy.

If you’re just not sure, know that we are doing mat rentals again and you can try most of these mats out when you come to class in person! I hope this helps make your decision easier and remember that our awesome desk staff and amazing teachers can also help you find the perfect mat.

See you on your brand new mat!

💙 Carmen