Impact Report 2017


Here’s your 2017 Impact Report. You made an AMAZING difference in the world with donations, classes, and helping us raise awareness. Our minds are blown and hearts exploding with the amount of love you’ve put into the world. Take a look at all of your efforts of awesome. Your giving has not been about a donation, it’s been about making a difference.


ACLU – $360 – From just the jars at the desk. Thanks for droppin’ those dolla’s

American Cancer Society – $3,897 – I KNOW! I KNOW! It’s crazy. Hallie did an amazing job raising money on an crowd funding page as well as her Girl Power Class. This is one that really brought people together, telling their stories, sharing support, and raising a whole lot of love for those battling cancer. #FuckCancer

EarthJustice – $100 – Cant remember why we donated here, but we’re down!

Miry’s List–  $1612.76 – Miry is a student here! Eagle Rock local welcoming and helping refugee families get settled in Southern California.


SIJCC – $1870 – Our neighbors on Bates St in Silverlake. We LOVE them! We rent their space on days we have too much going on to host Teacher Training there.

No Kid Hungry –  $180 – A monthly donation.

Planned Parenthood – $1870 – A huge portion of this was from buying sage wants made by our florist Sibyl Sofia Floral Design! Jars at the desks, and matching your donations!

Coalition For Humane Immigration Rights – $150 – Hannah Jorvasky, our ODDfam working as a union organizer helped us set this one up!

Susan G. Komen For The Cure – $260 – We’re seriously saying #FuckCancer this year.

Scleroderma Foundation – $300 – I’m pretty sure Arielle Miller and her husband Greg raised over 1,000 but this is our donation from the jars at the desk and a fundraiser class. Its amazing to see how this community takes challenges and turns them into changes.

Greater Houston Community – $800 – With a lot of Texas #ODDfam it was a cause we needed to rally behind when they were hit badly by the hurricane.

Super Sage– $50 – One of our student’s found her way to ODD because it was the closest thing to the childrens hospital where her warrior of a son is kicking cancer’s ass. You can donate here. You can catch them in Toddler&Me

Dressember – $103 and a whole ton of clothes! – Your clothing swaps have made massive contributions!


We dont know how many clothes you’ve donated to the Womens Shelter downtown from clothing swaps, or clothes to goodwill, or mats to charities, highschools and more. The capacity for giving this community has is powerful.




Lets show 2018 what we’ve got. Practice classes are $5 and proceeds go to a different charity each month, There’s jars at the desk for Prison Yoga and Mediation right now. What causes do you need some support rallying behind? We’re here.