Online Training: Integral Anatomy of the Breath & Spine


Live, online training with Niki Saccareccia, hosted by One Down Dog.
Sept 25th, 26th, & 27th from 12:30p – 5:30p (Pacific Time)


The models we use to understand ourselves and help our students impact our teaching style. Integral Anatomy is a revolutionary model of understanding anatomy which approaches our physical self (annamaya-kosha and pranamya-kosha) in a holistic manner. 

Over the course of this immersive weekend, Niki Saccareccia will introduce the model of Integral Anatomy as it relates to the spine, share insights from her therapeutic approach to yoga, and best practices for observing and teaching bodies of all conditions and configurations. It is one thing to have a deep understanding of anatomical structure and function, but we will fail to create meaningful practices without the ability to translate this knowledge into practical tools for our students.

This practical and information-packed weekend will include daily led practices in yoga, breath work and meditation; healthy discussion and case studies about lived experiences; as well as best practices and “how-to’s” for sequencing your classes and client-work.

In this 3-day immersive weekend, we will :

DAY 1 (Sept. 25)

  • Adopt the Integral Anatomy model of the human form and why it is will change how you talk about Asana. 
  • We will explore how the sutra “Sthira Sukha Asanam” is an embodied philosophy, beautifully reflected by the internal structures of our physical form and epitomized by the spine.
  • This will include a deep-dive into the spinal column, spinal chord and attachments into the brain movement explorations, a review of the primary movements of the spine, simple ways to determine how to best serve your students who present with symptomatic back pain
  • best practices and techniques for creating equanimity the relationship between emotions and back pain.

DAY 2 (Sept. 26)

  • A deep dive into the “breath-body” and the accessory structures beyond the lungs which influence the experience of breath.
  • Learn why “diaphragmatic breathing” is a phrase every yoga teacher should remove from their verbiage, and breathing exercises to explore the movement of Prana along with breathing rhythms to help reduce back pain.
  • What the Vagus Nerve is and why it going to be the new buzzword
  • We will learn how to better include and support students with common structural presentations like stenosis, disc degeneration and lost Range of Motion so that they feel safe and seen in the classroom. This will include language use, movement considerations, sequencing and pacing, pranayama and case studies for real world application.

DAY 3 (Sept. 27)

  • We will explore the Deep Front Line, its relationship with the Iliopsoas and its primary role in regulating the nervous system.
  • We will experiment with our model of “the core” and how our language may be a barrier to the experience of Sthira Sukha Asanam
  • Explore what “strengthening the core” actually means in the role of reducing back pain, and what best practices look like for building a “strong core” in a body with both typical and atypical structures

Niki Saccareccia is an E500 RYT, yoga teacher and teacher trainer.

Niki’s practice is greatly influenced by her lab work with Integral Anatomist, Dr. Gil Hedley, as well as Leslie Kaminoff and T.K.V. Krischnamacharya. She has been teaching in a therapeutic capacity since 2010, helping thousands of people better relate to their whole self, their physical pain and loss of movement. Her mission is to guide students to build healthier relationships to their stress, pain and overall movement to reclaim their physical self as an ally in spiritual wellness.

Those registered with Yoga Alliance may submit up to 15 hours for YACEU’s.

Suggested reading: Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff and Anatomy Trains by Tom Myers.

Registration Cost:
Early bird (before 9/14): $300, 10% off for unlimited members 
After 9/14: $350