Meditate & Journal With Us!

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“People love journaling! People love… the IDEA of journaling.” (Overheard in an ODD meeting today ?) We’re guilty of this too. Just the idea of journaling and even a few minutes of ACTUALLY doing it makes us feel like we’re really doing the work and leaves an impact. So let’s really do it. Allow 5 minutes of writing (you’ll do more), and we’ll provide some prompts from our guided morning meditations (every morning, check the schedule).

Extra life points if you attend our 30 minute virtual MEDITATE class and journal after! (Life hack: you can do it in bed) You can also just journal about ANYTHING YOU WANT.

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MEDITATE was led by Hallie this morning. (@hallieanoff) She broke down what a mantra is, then we brought awareness to a place in our bodies that felt tight/uncomfortable/needed love, and we used our mantras to send love/warmth/energy to that spot! 30 minutes flies by!

Day 1 Journal Prompt: Create a mantra.

This mantra is similar to a personal affirmation.

Part 1: Write about how you’re feeling today. This will help pinpoint what you want your mantra to be about.

Part 2: Make a short list of what you’d like MORE of in your life. It’s easy to immediately think of what we’d like to avoid or a habit we want to eliminate. Instead, think in terms of what you’d like an ABUNDANCE of.

Part 3: Create a short phase beginning with “I have,” “I am,” “I trust,” “I am grateful for,”…etc. Last night we said “I have what I need to get through this.” That’s a mantra!

We hope this gets your wheels turning. You can also search for mantras and find some that align with how you’re feeling.

Georgia O’Keefe, Above the Clouds 1962


Nadia’s Meditation this morning was centered around the embodiment of the 5 elements. ????☁️

Day 2 Journal Prompt:

When do you feel your ‘most natural’?

“We are all connected both internally and externally to the qualities of air, earth, fire, water, and ether or space. This is the natural understanding of ourselves on a somatic and subconscious level, so when we feel ‘most natural’ we are connecting ourselves into a feeling of wholeness.” @nadianoir


This morning we joined Natalie (@wolfpackyoga) for a Loving Kindness Meditation to show ourselves some love.

Day 3 Journal Prompt

Do one or all of these 🙂

Part 1: Write down all the ways you are compassionate or kind to your friends or loved ones. Write down the things you say when they’re struggling, write down the ways you show you care.

Part 2: Now write down 5 ways you can offer yourself that kind of compassion.

Part 3: Write a letter from your future self to your current self with words of kindness and comfort.


Nadia led a meditation this morning that left us with a lot to think (and feel) about.

Unconditional Positive Regard for yourself is not about liking yourself or approving of yourself, it is about radical acceptance of yourself and loving yourself no matter what you have felt, what you have done, or what you believe.

Day 4 Journal Prompt

What parts of yourself can you have Unconditional Positive Regard for?

For example, if you have anger right now, how can you have unconditional positive regard for your anger rather than trying to change it or judging it?

Next meditation is tomorrow morning! Check the schedule here or on the One Down Dog app.