#ODDlight: Meet Our New Teacher, Chioma Nwosu!


Chioma Nwosu is an incredible addition to our teaching team. We feel so lucky! This Nigerian-born Detroit native residing in Los Angeles immediately caught our attention. Chioma merges the gap between science and spirituality; empowering everyone to take control of our own wellbeing. She’s spent over 20 years working with patients in the hospital systems and her focus is on a tapping into ancestral knowledge to begin cultivating a personal practice that would provide healing in ways that our current healthcare system could not – energetically.Β 

Ms. Nwosu wears many hats professionally as a certified educator, health & wellness empowerment coach, certified & licensed massage therapist, yoga instructor, meditation facilitator, reiki master, sound healer and plant Spirit medicine facilitator after studying ceremonial rituals with Shipibo Shamans in Peru.Β 

Hi, hello, we are in love.

Pronouns: she/her

Hometown:  Detroit, MI

Favorite artist: Anyone who offers AfroBeat music

ODD Fact: I’m Vegan

My class style: Fun, energetic and well-rounded