#ODDlight: Meet Our New Teacher, Brandon Scott!

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Like most of us, Brandon took his first yoga class as an overworked and anxious student. That was 10 years ago. As a dancer, movement had always been an integral part of his physical and mental well-being. However, yoga offered a safe space, free of judgment, to explore in a way that felt like uncharted territory. Four years later, when he moved to Los Angeles, I completed my 200hr teacher training.

Since then, he’s been lucky enough to share this practice with so many incredible movers from coast to coast. He’s a Kinesiology student, charcuterie board lover, and Bravo Real Housewives enthusiast (New York, Atlanta, and Potomac, more specifically).

Pronouns: He/Him

HOMETOWN: Cleveland, OH

FAVORITE SONG/ARTIST: Anything Ariana Grande. She can do no wrong.

ODD FACT: I have a phobia of most condiments/sauces.

MY STEEZ: Lots of laughs, ridiculous jokes, Real Housewives references, and bops to move alongside with. My class is an opportunity for you to let your hair down (even if you have none), and find joy in your practice. We’ll place more emphasis on exploring new sensations, and less on creating aesthetics.