#ODDlight: Meet Our New Teacher, Grace Slifkin!

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We met Grace online in 2020! Like many of the online romances in 2020, it’s proven to be solid stuff. Grace is a good listener, big dreamer, and we are LOVING gettin’ down in studio! Successfully turning an online love into an in-person relationship as she teaches in studio.

Grace loves lots of types of movement: dancing, jumping, stretching, swimming, walking, interval training, and barre. That’s why you’ll find her not only making the shapes but also shaking my booty and skipping around my mat. Think of her class as recess for adults!

Pronouns: she/her

Hometown: Rochester, NY 

Favorite Artist: I always try to come up with something more creative, but the answer is always Taylor Swift

ODD Fact: I sneeze every time I see the sun (lol that I live in California now) and sometimes, if my phone screen is too bright that makes me sneeze too. 

Class Style/Vibe: My classes are a balance of hard work and play. I will ask you to challenge yourself, dig deep, and bring a little bit of grit, but I will also ask you to honor and love yourself the whole entire time. (And I’ll probably make a joke or two that no one thinks is funny). I’m a little sassy and a little sweet. We will make weird shapes, move our bodies freely, listen to good music, and most importantly, have fun. No two classes are ever the same.