ODDlight Teacher Feature: Roxy Gordon


“Yoga is a practice that helps me witness my own process both through teaching and practicing.”

We love putting teachers and students at One Down Dog in the ‘ODDlight’! Self-proclaimed hype person to everyone she meets, we could all take more cues from Roxy to lift others up, move and speak freely, and do more of what feels good!

Here’s a glimpse of a very special teacher at ODD, Roxy Gordon.

Roxy, tell us about yourself!

My mom used to call me the energizer bunny when I was little. I want to say that I no longer have that kind of intense bouncy energy but I do have a lot of energy and am pretty cute. I love learning about people and their stories. Some would say I am a bit of an oversharer but I think thats a huge compliment. I am an honest, raw and kind person. I am a dancer, yogi, doula in training, and over all hype person for everyone I meet.


Los Angeles

What’s your sign?


5 adjectives would your friends use to describe you:

Funny, raw, silly, charming, “poison dart frog” (is that allowed)

What’s your ODD fact?

I have a giant uterus tattooed to my lower back. Yes it is a political statement and yes the man that tattooed it to me kept accidentally calling it my ovaries…

What kind of classes do you gravitate toward at One Down Dog?

I am a big fan of FLOW and SWEAT. You will also see me fan girling in all of my favorite teachers classes.

What classes do you teach?

I teach Kids Yoga, Baby & Me, Toddler & Me, Prenatal Yoga, Flow and Chill. I also recently got trauma informed trained through One Down Dog. Right now online I am teaching all the kids classes.

Memorable yoga moment?

One time I was in a yoga class with a very “spiritual teacher”. I sneezed in the middle of class and he told everyone that is a sign of enlightenment. Everyone in the class clapped for me…it was weird.

Why yoga?

Yoga helps me witness my own process both through teaching and practicing.

Catch Roxy at One Down Dog online teaching KIDS YOGA!