Self-care is #1 in our books.

Yoga is just one (BIG) piece in that wellness puzzle.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to offer wellness services by some of our favorite humans.

Each of our wellness practitioners work to assist you in maintaining movement, flexibility and health (both physically and emotionally) through massage, Reiki, sound healing, energy work and more.


Whether you want a stress releasing relaxation experience, corrective work for rehabbing an injury, or general maintenance on your active muscles – we’ve got you covered.

Combining various techniques including Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Swedish, Trigger Point, Reiki, Cupping and/or Myofascial release, a massage at One Down Dog is a therapeutic experience that caters to your needs.

Massages can be customized using Swedish, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, and Reiki techniques.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing is not only showing profound results treating chronic and debilitating conditions, but also helping people to balance spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of well being. The goal is to help facilitate the body’s innate wisdom to heal.

The human body is approximately 70% water. Sound travels four times faster in water than in air, thus the human body becomes a natural resonator for sound. At One Down Dog, we know the effect that music has on us, so it only makes sense to offer healing through sound.

The Acutonics system of sound healing is a non-invasive treatment that is similar to acupuncture, using the vibrations of tuning forks instead of needles. Sound vibrations penetrate the acupuncture points, traveling deep into the body.

Sourcepoint Therapy

The fundamental principle of SourcePoint Therapy® is that an energetic blueprint for the health of the human being exists within a universal energy field.

The information contained in our blueprint seeks to move our bodies toward optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. When issues arise in any of these areas, there are blockages within the body cutting off our connection to the blueprint.

During SourcePoint sessions, we use hands-on and hands-off techniques to strengthen the connection to the blueprint, clear blockages, and draw in and integrate universal (Source) energy.


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