Sofie’s 2019 ODD Gift Guide


Hey, it’s Sofie! Your friendly ‘Director of Steez’ at ODD.

Over the last year or so I’ve been focusing on stocking great brands that you will feel great about owning and supporting. The majority of the products we stock are women-owned, local, eco-conscious– or awesome combinations of all three!

Find all of these great gifts and more at our studios in Silverlake, Echo Park, and Eagle Rock.

Here are my top picks for you this holiday season!

10 Gifts Under $15:

1. Cocofloss
Maybe a weird flex, but I’m obsessed. This floss is honestly amazing, comes in really fun flavors (mint, of course, coconut, cara cara orange, and strawberry!?!), and it has turned me in a regular flosser! Everyone could use a good floss right?

2. Death Valley Nails
This non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free nail polish comes in such cool and unique colors that are perfect for all those cool and unique people in your life. You really can’t go wrong here.

3. Alder Single Use Face Masks
I mean who doesn’t love a good face mask? To me it is the epitome of self-care. I really love the brightening one 🙂

4. Baggu Reusable Bags
Plastic sucks and how much more fun would life be if we all had cute and colorful bags for trips to the grocery store, etc. ALSO hot tip – you can wrap other gifts in these by putting stuff in and just tying up the top how cute is that?

5. Massage Balls: Everyone (whether or not they know it) needs a pair of massage balls in their life and that’s just a fact.

6. Meow Meow Tweet Bar Soap
The pink rose clay face soap is my personal fave but I’ve used pretty much all of them at this point and they are all amazing.

7. Worthwhile Paper Notepads
January is coming in hot and we all want to get our shit together – making lists helps + plus these are made with 100% recycled paper!

8. Scrunchies: I pretty much exclusively use scrunchies at this point in my life and it is something I am extremely proud of. These are also made of scrap fabric from @breeziestardust bathing suits!

9. Cuccio 2oz. Sprays
An excellent stocking stuffer for that die-hard yogi in your life, always good to have mat spray and this stuff smells so good!

10. Lulu Organics Dry Shampoo
I can go THROUGH some dry shampoo, so we like this woman-owned, eco friendly option, opposed to an aerosol spray. It comes in great scents like lavender, jasmin, and rose musk. Absorb oil while adding extra smell-good body to your hair.

5 Splurgeworthy Gifts

1. Beyond Yoga
Beyond Yoga Spacedye pants are just my absolute favorite yoga pants in the world. They are so soft and luxurious and come in really lovely colors. Plus this brand is women-owned and size-inclusive. 10/10 would recommend.

2. Nipomo Blankets
These blankets are beautiful and perfect for the beach, the park or displaying in your home. You can also use them for your home practice if you’ve got sensitive knees (and even if you don’t!) 🙂
Fun Fact: I was sitting on my Nipomo blanket at the beach when I got engaged!

3. Sheisme Stone Necklaces
I love giving these as gifts – each stone symbolizes something different which makes them feel super personalized plus they also look great. I wear mine every day as a reminder to stay calm when I get anxious!

4. Baggu Fanny Packs
I LOVE FANNY PACKS. They’re perfect for traveling, hiking and also just looking awesome all the time.

5. Tulz
These have changed my life. I carry them with me everywhere! I can’t remember the last time I had to use a plastic utensil and that is perhaps the greatest gift we can someone 🙂 Not only are these functional, but they are also so chic!