Educational Weekend: Body Reading for Alignment

March 1
-3rd, 2024

In this weekend training, you will learn how to quickly observe bodies in asana and assist your students in returning to balance. By understanding key anatomical principles, we can assess a variety of bodies in various postures to see clearly where we can make the most impact to create balance and realignment. This not only increases our professional confidence, but builds confidence in our students and their relationship with their own capabilities.

Learn how to see a body as a whole of interrelated parts and observe crucial misalignments easily. Learn critical thinking skills to evaluate the root cause of misalignment and offer clarifying instruction to your students and clients. Understand how to offer students support for adapting to injuries and create accessibility for various body proportions and limited or hyper-mobility. Explore how every posture is an expression of breath and how the diaphragm, core, and pelvic floor play a role in movement and stability. This weekend will train your eyes to observe and assist your students, client, and self into refined alignment in a compassionate and holistic way.

What will be covered:

  1. Breath as an integrating principle of alignment
  2. Integral anatomy education, how fascial connections affect posture, and the Tensegrity model.
  3. Individual and partner work approaches for working with clients
  4. Supporting injuries and underlying structural conditions like scoliosis and pronation
  5. Understand the mechanics and relationship between the feet, legs, pelvis, spine and shoulder girdle
  6. View the body as a whole and integrated system instead of in parts
  7. Deep dive into principles of center of gravity, range of motion, tensegrity and base of support

This training is OPEN TO ALL

*note: this will only count toward a 300 hr. teacher training if you have already completed 200 hr.


About Niki:

Niki is a nerd for anatomy and upholding Yoga's integrity as a holistic lifestyle. Her style is breath-based and alignment-oriented. Read more >>



Friday (3/1) Zoom from 6-9pm
Saturday (3/2) Zoom from 9am to noon, Echo Park from 1-6pm
Sunday (3/3) Echo Park from 9-5pm

Cost: $395

Please email with any questions!

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What’s included:


March 1st
March 3rd


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