Yoga Massage Ball Techniques

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We could all use a few more shoulder rubs, head massages, low back releases, and foot care. Just a few of the many things we can tend to with self-massage balls on a more regular basis from home! These $14 massage balls we sell in the shop are an incredible value for the care you’ll be getting for years to come.

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My neck, my back, my feet juuust like that.

We all know massages feel good and help to relax us emotionally but these TLC practices are an important part of caring for our fascia as well as our muscles! Fascia is the connective tissue that runs through our entire body.

Our bodies form “fascial adhesions” to protect us. Those knots in your shoulders are your body’s way of making sure your head doesn’t fall off! We spend so many hours hunching that our bodies create tight spots on the back to try to keep your head on top of your shoulders. The same with our glutes – so much sitting and stretching of our back creates tightness over time. It’s like an accidental yin pose and our body knows that much stretching can be problematic. These massage practices can help let your body know it doesn’t need to tighten up to keep your head on straight. Give it a hug and a rollout so it can relax.

Use massage balls to release neck and shoulder tension.

You don’t really want to roll on your neck. She’s tender. But you do want to roll out where your head connects, (your hairline) as well as your shoulders to let go of some of that tension.

Keeping the massage balls in their bag, but loosening the bag so they can separate just a little. As you lay on your back, hold the bag on the base of the scull. Keep your hands there and gently rock the head in a “no” massaging those big knobs where your skull starts.

Next, target back muscles with massage balls.

Move the massage balls out of the bag and place one on each side of your spine. For many of us – laying flat is a bit intense or just challenging to move – so try this at a wall! Either way – roll up and down the sides of the spine with the massage balls. Just like a bear scratching his back on a tree. Avoid bone, stay on the soft stuff! As long as there are no sharp pains or weird tingling, you’re doing it right.

Use massage balls to relax your glutes.

Move the massage balls to your glutes! One under each cheek. Dance around on the wall or floor staying on the soft tissue. Roll up and down, side to side, circles! If you have a bigger massage ball, that can be nice for these bigger muscles.

Lastly, a massage ball technique for your feet!

While standing place one massage ball under your foot. Roll the entirety of the arch up and down the foot, including the edges. Place your heel on the ground and catch the ball under your foot. Fanning your foot side to side rub the arch in a new direction!

If you feel anything that feels extra good to roll out, a knot, or an especially sticky spot – hang out there for a while and breath giving it some extra care.

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