Your First Soundbath: What to Expect and How to Prepare


So, it’s your first sound bath. Let’s cover some of the things you might want to know, what to bring, and what to expect!


You will not be getting wet. The bath part is truly sound-oriented. The best part of a sound bath is you don’t have to DO anything. It’s something you allow to wash over you. This is ok for pregnant people, people with injuries, and literally anyone.

However you feel in the moment of the sound bath – it’s all natural. Some people fall asleep and some people feel very stimulated. This can change each sound bath you attend and each day. It’s ok to adjust positions, lay down, sit, etc. Usually it’s requested you just do so quietly as to not become a part of the soundbath with your movements. If your neighbor falls asleep, that’s okay. If your neighbor starts to snore – gently wake them up!


Whether you’re in Los Angeles or across the globe, you can expect anything on the spectrum of spiritual and healing. You might have seen those big singing bowls but there is also sound healing with tuning forks, gongs, rain sticks, symbols, and more. They even have electronic sound healing with electronic music!

With these sound healing experiences, there is less of a focus on a “note” vs a frequency. The different HZ, or frequency in a sound bath can create different sensations in the body. This is why sometimes a soundbath can be extremely calming and rest-inducing where others can create a sensation of tension where stress release is happening. Stress LEAVING the body can sometimes feel like experiencing stress. Exhale, center, and be witness to the work the sound is doing.


Comforts. Something to lay on the ground on. You’re welcome to use pillows, blankets, eye masks, fuzzy socks, and anything else that will help you feel a sense of ease. Water is important to drink after, it’s like releasing any toxins – water helps move it out.

Want to check out a soundbath?

We have them at One Down Dog in Echo Park, Los Angeles about once a month! Each experience is unique, and we’re so excited for our next sound bath and crystal healing experience this weekend. Click below to read more and join us!