One Down Dog offers kick-ass, feel good yoga classes, one-to-one sessions, yoga dance parties, workshops, eventsretreats, teacher training, community and so much more, all in the heart of Silver Lake and Eagle Rock, CA! Our classes are unique, exciting, upbeat, set to the best playlists you’ve ever heard and challenging, in a great way! Come enjoy the coolest yoga Silverlake has to offer!!  We can’t wait to get to know you and look forward to lots of laughs and down dogs together Join us as we reinvent yoga… One Down Dog at a time.

One Down Dog Best Yoga Studio in LA

Located at 2150 Colorado Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90041 | 323.344.DOWN(3696)
Check our the schedule and upcoming grand opening!

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  • What is a Yogic Diet?
    What is a Yogic Diet?

    People always ask me, what is a “yogic diet”? Some people must think we yogis sit around a bonfire, barefoot and cross-legged, eating leaves and nuts that we foraged for following our 4 hour yoga practice that we woke up at the butt crack of dawn for. Hmm… ok… some of that might be true…

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  • “Who am I to be a yoga teacher?”
    “Who am I to be a yoga teacher?”

    When I first signed up for yoga teacher training, I was constantly second-guessing myself. I worried about not being “good enough” at yoga. I mean, I couldn’t even do a headstand yet! Who was I to be a yoga teacher? Why would anyone want to take my yoga class if I couldn’t even do a

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  • #ODDLight Teacher Feature: Brittany Kovler
    #ODDLight Teacher Feature: Brittany Kovler

    Each month we will be bringing a teacher into the #ODDlight and illuminating their interests, practices, and who they are. There is a real person behind those teachers and it’s their knowledge filtered through their own experiences that make them that person that pulls you into class. This month, we are featuring Brittany Kovler, our very own

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