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yoga teacher in advanced training about social justice and trauma informed practice

Educational Weekend: Social Justice and Trauma Informed

March 8th - March 10th
One Down Dog Echo Park
Led by
Courtney Sauls
Welcome to a weekend of transformative yoga exploration! Experience liberation and empowerment as we delve into and apply Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion principles to create an inclusive teaching environment, immerse ourselves in practices addressing contemporary issues, fostering mindfulness and compassion, and learn to approach yoga with sensitivity, creating a safe space for healing and growth.
graphic image describing a yoga teacher training centered around social justice and trauma-informed teaching

Workshop: Social Justice and Trauma Informed Day Long

March 10th 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
One Down Dog Echo Park
Led by
Courtney Sauls & Sarit Rogers
Spend a day exploring yoga through the lens of social justice and learn how to approach the practice with a knowledge of trauma-informed yoga. This session will specifically focus on yoga, mindfulness, somatic practices, and meditation and their ability to reduce trauma and stress symptoms while cultivating a greater sense of well-being.
verbal and hands on adjustment training for yoga

Educational Weekend: Verbal and Hands-On Adjustment

March 15th - March 17th
One Down Dog Echo Park
Led by
Courtney Sauls & Niki Saccareccia
Join us for a weekend of honing in on your adjustment skills. As teachers, the language we choose and where we place ourselves in the room is so impactful. Teaching big group classes has its own beautiful language and often we paint with broad strokes to ensure everyone gets a taste of what there is to explore in a pose. This weekend will help you zoom in on the shapes that are taking place with the individual, and empower you to help them!
image of yoga teacher assisting a student in Los Angeles

Workshop: Hands-on Adjustments for Yoga Teachers

March 15th 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
One Down Dog Echo Park
Led by
Niki Saccareccia
Learn the skills to offer safe and effective hands-on adjustments. Offering hands-on support is a powerful and direct tool for creating clarity around alignment, helping them to build confidence and independence on the mat, feel embodiment safely and feel well taken care of.

WORKSHOP: Death Awareness

March 24th 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Led by
Hannah Elder
By joining in community to have these conversations, we can share our hopes and fears, get clear on what's most important to us, and make things easier for our loved ones when we're gone. By embracing dying, we can learn to live more fully. 
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“They just give off some great, kind vibes, nothing sales-y or pushy. I am also kind of obsessed with the community – no clique-y vibes, just warmth and realness. Hit up their socials to catch the vibe (also love that they have an app!) There is a sense of respect that’s truly unique and makes me shed my inhibitions everytime I enter those doors. No body/skill insecurity, or any sense that I don’t fit it, even if I’m just getting my yoga legs back. I like a lot of men and women I’ve seen come here solo, but genuinely feel at home with the students.

Too often I’ve come across a studio that is either too old-school/traditional or too new-school/fusion for my liking. ODD is right in the middle. Took me just a week to fall fully in love.”

– Jen E.
“Love this place. Great vibe – welcoming and unpretentious. Instructors are passionate about what they do. Studios are beautiful – airy and bright. Just wish I could get here more often.”
– Sarah W.
“This is hands down the best yoga studio I’ve ever had the pleasure of frequenting. I’ve been a monthly member since 2017, and the variety of classes, teachers, workshops, and events ODD hosts is plentiful – there really is something for everyone, whether you’re a Day 1 student or have been practicing for years. But most importantly, you feel like you’re part of a family when you take a class… I cannot say enough good things about the culture of this institution and how strong I’ve become, mentally and physically.”
– Gooses G.

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