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Spotify #ODDbeats by Karen Resulto

Check out Karen Resulto’s spotify playlist ODD Love. This playlist just like Karen and her Buti Yoga class will get you movin’ and feelin’ wild.

Haven’t been to Buti?

Anyone is welcome! Our buti class is open to men, women, and any human who wants to shake it. Tribal dance, yoga, plyometrics – it gets your heart pounding and your smiling spirit flowin’

Catch a special Buti Glow March 27th – Tuesday night. Regularly priced class with glitter, glow, and neon. Oh yeah, and a whole lot of shaking your Buti.

Impact Report 2017

Your 2017 Impact Report -you made an AMAZING difference in the world with donations, classes, and helping us raise awareness. Our minds are blown and hearts exploding with the amount of love you’ve put into the world. Take a look at all of your efforts of awesome. Your giving has not been about a donation, it’s been about making a difference.


ACLU – $360 – From just the jars at the desk. Thanks for droppin’ those dolla’s

American Cancer Society – $3,897 – I KNOW! I KNOW! It’s crazy. Hallie did an amazing job raising money on an crowd funding page as well as her Girl Power Class. This is one that really brought people together, telling their stories, sharing support, and raising a whole lot of love for those battling cancer. #FuckCancer

EarthJustice – $100 – Cant remember why we donated here, but we’re down!

Miry’s List–  $1612.76 – Miry is a student here! Eagle Rock local welcoming and helping refugee families get settled in Southern California.


SIJCC – $1870 – Our neighbors on Bates St in Silverlake. We LOVE them! We rent their space on days we have too much going on to host Teacher Training there.

No Kid Hungry –  $180 – A monthly donation.

Planned Parenthood – $1870 – A huge portion of this was from buying sage wants made by our florist Sibyl Sofia Floral Design! Jars at the desks, and matching your donations!

SIJCC – $1275 – Our neighbors on Bate

Coalition For Humane Immigration Rights – $150 – Hannah Jorvasky, our ODDfam working as a union organizer helped us set this one up!

Susan G. Komen For The Cure – $260 – We’re seriously saying #FuckCancer this year.

Scleroderma Foundation – $300 – I’m pretty sure Arielle Miller and her husband Greg raised over 1,000 but this is our donation from the jars at the desk and a fundraiser class. Its amazing to see how this community takes challenges and turns them into changes.

Greater Houston Community – $800 – With a lot of Texas #ODDfam it was a cause we needed to rally behind when they were hit badly by the hurricane.

Super Sage– $50 – One of our student’s found her way to ODD because it was the closest thing to the childrens hospital where her warrior of a son is kicking cancer’s ass. You can donate here.

Dressember – $103 and a whole ton of clothes! – Your clothing swaps have made massive contributions!


We dont know how many clothes you’ve donated to the Womens Shelter downtown from clothing swaps, or clothes to goodwill, or mats to charities, highschools and more. The capacity for giving this community has is powerful.




Lets show 2018 what we’ve got. Practice classes are $5 and proceeds go to a different charity each month, There’s jars at the desk for Prison Yoga and Mediation right now. What causes do you need some support rallying behind? We’re here.

#ODDLight Blog: Karen Resulto

Hey ODD balls,
It’s March! Can you believe it??!! As we dive into month trois of 2018, we have another #ODDlight teacher feature coming your way. This time around, it’s none other than the lovely Karen Resulto. If you haven’t met her, it might be because you haven’t gotten you booty to Buti, in which case… you should change that. Karen is the instructor who guides the sweaty, sultry, hip-rolling, African-dance-inspired, inner-goddess-conjuring practice that is Buti yoga. It’s pretty much an hour of channeling Beyonce and it’s a crazy good time. Until you make it to class (Sundays at 12:30pm and Tuesdays at 7:30PM in Eagle Rock!), learn more about the goddess, herself in the interview below.
Name: Karen
Nick Name: I dont have one, but feel to give me one!
Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Favorite Place: My bathtub filled with yummy essential oils, epsom salt and flowers.
Favorite color: Red
What’s your sign: Pisces.
Most embarrassing moment: On a bus ride in the fifth grade, my teacher caught my boyfriend and I engaging in our first kiss. *cue family sitcom ooohs*
Most empowering moment: My first time teaching at Lightning In A Bottle! It was a dream come true!
Fun Fact most wouldn’t know about you:Twelve years ago, I used to sing and play the keys in this band called NeoFight.
Fun fact: I have two tattoos. I have a vintage Steinway baby grand piano on my upper left back  and a dainty crescent moon on my left forearm.
Share a story or anecdote w/us-something magical, changing, funny, or adventurous- My late grandmothers, Rita and Connie were best friends. Connie passed on May 22, which is Rita’s birthday. Coincidence? I think not! Crazy cool in a mystical way? Absolutely!
When you aren’t at the studio, where can you be found (favorite past times)?
I love going to concerts and spending time with my family.
How do you define yoga? Yoga is a therapeutic tool to help you make better choices in life. It can make you both emotionally and physically healthier, stronger and more balanced.
Why do you teach? I’m wildly in love with the practice, the awareness it can bring, and the positively charged community it can create. I teach because it makes people feel good about their bodies. I’ve learned to be compassionate and accept myself more and I want share that with other people.
What brought you to become an instructor? I genuinely care about people and the connection I share with them.
What is your favorite song to play in class? There are so many to choose from! I’m going to name five!
The Future Is Female- Madame Gandhi
Born To Shine- Big Grams/Run The Jewels
Erotic City-Prince
Brujas- Princess Nokia
My neck, my back (explicit version)-Khia
What is your favorite pose or flow? Why? Utkata Konasana “Goddess” with hip spiraling. I find it to be an empowering asana because you’re embracing vulnerability and you’re sexuality. It’s very healing!
Memorable yoga moment: The first time I cried in Savasana. Best cathartic release ever.
How did you first hear about ODD? I was job hunting on Craigslist for a friend and saw ODD was hiring yoga teachers.
What is your favorite yogi prop or piece to wear? I wear this mother of pearl spike earring on my left for good luck.
What special causes or non-profits do you hold dear to your heart? Make a Wish Foundation and Guud Soup.
If you could have any super power what would it be? The power of teleportation!
Who and what is your spirit animal? Sevdaliza. She’s a singer, songwriter and record producer. Her music speaks to my SOUL.
Would you more likely tell your boss they had food in their teeth or let it slide? I would absolutely let her or him know!

#ODDbeats By Kim Ritley (The Yogi Doula)

This is Kim Ritley’s #ODDbeats playlist for the month.

It’s her drive home from work playlist… it just so happens that as a Doula her work is birthing babies.



Check her out on Spotify – Kim’s Spotify

And if you need a Doula – she’s your gal!

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Have songs you’d love to hear in class or on a playlist – holla’ at us. We’re body DJ’s AND music DJ’s. #weloveplaylists

#ODDLight: Kim Ritley (The Yogi Doula)

As we head into month TWO of this crazy year called 2018, the ODDFam is so pleased to bring another teacher feature to the blog. In light (*wink wink*) of her upcoming prenatal partner workshop, we’re spending some time getting to know Mrs. Ritley aka The Yogi Doula.

Don’t worry, for those of you who read this interview and think, “Oh my goodness, this woman is so wonderful, I would love to take class with her but I’m not having a baby in the foreseeable future,” don’t fret. Outside of PRENATAL, you can soak up Kim’s yogic offerings in CHILL and FLOW in Silverlake.

Happy reading!

Name: Kim (Neer) Ritley
Nick Name: Kimmy, Kimmie, Womps

Hometown: Bainbridge, OH

Favorite Place: national parks and gardens, or any place with a lot of trees

Favorite color: blue and green

What’s your sign? Aries

Most embarrassing moment? I think I just forget them right away, because I have never been able to answer this question.

Most empowering moment? Once I climbed to the top of a really steep snow covered volcano in Chile. I had to wear crampons and I was really bad at it (like the weakest link in the group for sure) and I wanted to quit so many times, and really didn’t believe I would make it I’m pretty sure the leader of the group I was in didn’t think I would make it (at one point he literally tied me to his waist). But after 5 hours of one step at a time I got to the top and the view was incredible and it felt so good to do something that I didn’t actually believe I could do. Sometimes I feel weak but when I remember that I climbed to the top of a volcano I feel kind of badass.

Fun Fact most wouldn’t know about you? I never burp, it seems to be physically impossible for me.

Fun Fact most wouldn’t know about you? I’m really good at untangling knots.

Fun Fact most wouldn’t know about you? Once I volunteered for 2 months at an orphanage in Peru and got really good at changing cloth diaper with pins. And I got good at riding in buses that I was too tall to stand up straight in, so I mastered the perfect amount of hunch. I am tall in Peru.

Share a story or anecdote with us – something magical, changing, funny, or adventurous. Once I was in the middle of Wisconsin driving to a friend’s wedding with a few other friends, and during a break at a rest stop I did a handstand against a tree because it felt good. While I was upside down, I heard a woman, utterly perplexed ask one of my friends “What is she doing???” and he said “Who knows, she’s from California.” And that answer seemed to satisfy her.

When you aren’t at the studio where can you be found (favorite past time)? Working with pregnant and birthing women and new moms. Petting a dog. Or getting a spur of the moment tattoo.

How do you define yoga? Connecting mind and body to the present moment.

Why do you teach? I process and understand so much about myself, my habits, and my experience on my mat. Yoga has helped me cope with the innate challenges of being a life. And it helps me feel better in this body I’m living in. I teach to share that with others. To teach body awareness. To help others feel good in their bodies and in the present moment. And mostly just to share this tool that has been useful to me time and time again for many years.

What brought you to become an instructor? In my mid-twenties I spent a year traveling around South America, and that year I was constantly shifting and meeting new people. Sometimes I would feel very lonely and restless and unsure of who I was, having to reintroduce myself all the time. I started do a little bit of yoga every day, and then it became habit. At the same time, my mom was going through challenging health issues and I sent her a yoga book. She started getting into it and immediately began down a road of healing. At some point during the year, I got the idea in my head that I should be a yoga teacher. And sometimes when I get an idea, I follow through.

What is your favorite song to play in class? For some reason I like playing covers of Drake songs. There are a lot of good ones out there.

What is your favorite pose or flow? Why? I love hamstring stretches the most, specifically down dog, uttanasana or any standing forward fold really, and supine hamstring stretches with a strap. I just always feel better after stretching my legs, and I get a good release in my back. It’s a simple restart for me.

Memorable yoga moment? When I was a new teacher I volunteer taught a class at a shelter for survivors of domestic violence and one day I taught supported bridge with a block and as soon as the block was in place, one of the women basically shouted with joy and pleasure, freaking out about how that was the best she had ever felt in her body in years and it was a really big deal because she was not only a survivor of physical and emotional abuse but also an addict and this one simple body shape made her feel incredible and it brought tears to my eyes. I realized yoga can be so powerful in so many different ways, sometimes in the simplest ways.

How did you first hear about One Down Dog? I actually first heard about ODD before it existed, because I worked the desk at Yoga Blend, the studio Jessica did her 300 hour teacher training at, and I heard her talking about it a lot during their breaks (this makes me seems like a stalker because we did not know each other then). Then I heard about it again because my friend Sam was friends with Caitlin who was working the desk and he told me about it for a reason I now forget. Then again when Jess got pregnant and wanted a prenatal teacher and my friend Courtney told me to show up to one of Jess’ classes and tell her I was a prenatal teacher and Courtney’s friend. And now here we are.

What is your favorite yogi prop or piece to wear or use?  I love using blocks in my classes and in my practice. They can just be useful in so many ways, and for me can often deepen an experience.

What special causes or non-profits do you hold dear to your heart? (We will want to be more non-profits and would love to do so on your behalf) I am one of the directors of the LA Doula Project, we provide free birth doulas and abortion and fetal loss support to families in LA. We also have a teen mom program.

Would you more likely tell your boss they had food in their teeth or let it slide? Let it slide. For some reason I hate when people point out that I have something in my teeth, it actually makes me feel kind of angry.

Are there any links, @names, and #hashtags you would you like us to use in promoting you and your happenings? @theyogidoula

(And don’t forget about her Prenatal Partner Workshop happening this Saturday February 10th!

Anything else? (feel free to add literally anything!) My current dream for my future family is to have a small dog, a big dog, a hairless cat, chickens, maybe a goat or two, and two human children. And to be living in Oregon, specifically Eugene. My husband is totally on board.

And now for the Quickfire Challenge! 

If you could have any super power what would it be? Teleport

What was the last book you read? The Red Tent

Do you dream? Lucid dream? I wish, I usually forget my dreams.

Who or What is your spirit animal? elephants

If YOU were a color what color would you be? turquoise