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Chakra Connection: An 8 Week Online Intensive

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Thursdays online via Zoom 5:30-7:30pm PST for 8 weeks starting July 8th Chakra Connection: 8 weeks of fully diving into the Chakra alignment with our body, mind, and spirit. The opening of the Chakras allows for the revealing of higher states of consciousness which leads to the awareness of the Supreme Self. We will journey through… Read more »

Chakra Colors, Meanings, & Practices

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❤️🧡💛💚💙💜⠀Which direction are you focused on – liberation or manifestation? The Chakras are one of the many lenses from which we view the energetics of the world. Everything from yoga asana, meditation, colors, and how we interact – has a charge behind it. This subtle body, or energetics, are part of our experience of living… Read more »

#ODDlight: Kat is Back!

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Kat Greene is back! She took some time off for her full-time job, but we can’t get enough of each other. Come check out Kat’s strong and awesome classes. “I’m a 200-hour EYT with experience teaching hatha and vinyasa flow with a special focus on beginners, athletes and anyone who might think of themselves as ‘not… Read more »

ODD Community Impact

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Each month we will offer community actions around Los Angeles and reflect on what work we did in the month past. In yoga, this cycle of action and reflection is called Kriya Yoga – the third step is surrender. We do the work and stay out of the results. This is the yoga of action… Read more »

Our Fave Pregnancy + Postpartum Resources

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This is a long post… because there is SO much to learn from the time pregnancy begins into the next chapter of postpartum you. With anything major in life- it’s best to have a team, support system, and resources by your side. Below are resources for pregnancy and postpartum – instagram accounts, One Down Dog… Read more »

Online Group: 6-Week Postpartum Series

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post partum group online

Meeting in Motherhood: Community, Yoga, and Postpartum Support Online group co-facilitated by Shana Kale and Joana Allis, hosted by One Down Dog. Live on Zoom, Tuesdays from 1 to 2pm (Pacific Time) March 30th-May 4th, 2021 GET REGISTERED >> Motherhood can open a veil to a new world that can be deep, profound, loving, challenging,… Read more »

Putting the 5 Niyamas into Practice

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The 8 limbs wake us up to our highest potential and truest self! The Yamas and Niyamas are the first 2 of these 8 limbs and provide tools to reduce suffering as we interact with ourselves and the world.  YAMAS – relationship with the world (RELATIONSHIP) NIYAMAS – personal observances (LIFESTYLE) The niyamas offer a… Read more »