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While we know we can’t be everything to everyone, we do our best to offer a wide variety of classes to keep our students feeling engaged, empowered, and cared for. We offer everything from super sweet RESTORE-ative session to a high energy SWEAT-fest. Check out all of our classes and awesome instructors and find what works for you.
Yoga Classes
Fitness Classes
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Yoga Classes


New to yoga? BEGIN here!

Improve proprioception and learn about your body’s alignment while connecting with your breath. With one-on-one attention and a slower pace, this class helps build your strength, stamina, and confidence in group classes.

We’ll cover: pose names, pose breakdowns, linking breath with movement, and we’ll leave time for questions


Linking breath to movement, FLOW is an all-level vinyasa-based class set to upbeat music. FLOW includes connection to breath and theme, sun salutations, standing sequences, peak postures, and a cooldown. FLOW class keeps it moving – expect one-breath, one movement flows through inspiring sequences. This class offers an accessible approach to challenging postures, empowering students to meet themselves where they are. Each teacher brings their own flavor to this class – try them all and find what FLOWs with you.
image of seated yoga students practicing yoga in One Down Dog's East Hollywood yoga studio


FLOWDOWN is One Down Dog’s vin-yin style class – the first half of class is FLOW and the second half is YIN. This class explores the balance between YANG and YIN, STHIRA and SUKHA, STRENGTH and FLEXIBILITY. 

Expect a warm-up, sun salutations, and standing sequences that build to a peak, followed by long, supported holds. 

FLOW 2.0

FLOW 2.0 is for those who want a physical challenge. Expect a strong yoga flow with a focus on arm balances, inversions, and other advanced postures. Some understanding of yoga postures is helpful, but you don’t have to be an acrobat to take this class – come willing to try, play, and explore. Let’s take a leap into the wide range of asana together!


We can all use some time to CHILL. In this slow flow class set to mellow music, we will move thoughtfully with the breath. In CHILL you can expect: pranayama, a long warm up, easy standing postures, and a yummy cooldown.

NOTE: this is not a restorative or gentle/stretching class. We also offer RESTORE and YIN for those looking for that slow, slow.


Engage with your practice somatically in this healing-centered CHILL-style class. SOMATIC MVMT features slow movements, gentle flows, long holds, grounding practices, and meditation. While yoga is broadly a somatic practice, we’ll focus more on your internal experience in these sessions. In this class, you will learn to stay present during challenging sensations and cultivate a practice of self-care, kind awareness, and wise presence on the mat.


RESTORE offers a gentle and supportive practice that includes moving through 5-10 passive, restful postures using lots of props and cushions to ease your body into a state of relaxation. 

NOTE: doors close at 3 minutes past start time, no late entries accepted.


Yin is a slow paced class that works deeply into the connective tissue (fascia) mainly through non-standing poses that are held for 2-5 minutes. In this class props are used for supportive and sustainable holds to ease into sensation and patiently let the body work, soften and create space.


This class was developed to assist in preventing injury, maintaining health and wellness of the spine, reducing chronic pain, and assisting in the healing of spine-related problems. BACK will offer gentle healing exercises that are safe for all back-related issues.


Chant your heart wide open! Bhakti Yoga is known as the yoga of devotion. It’s the personification of the infinite so we can recognize our own spiritual and conscious potential. 

In this class, we will be led through kirtan and pranayama as we lift our hearts to the divine.  

Expect little to zero asana (postures) in this class. Open to all with a curiosity to explore the pathway through the heart.


Dive deeper into your practice, past the asana, and discover what happens when you turn your focus inward. Become aware of, and find acceptance for: your thoughts, feelings, sensations and body, utilizing tools you can take with you off the mat. Tune in, MEDITATE and feed your mind.

NOTE: doors close at 3 minutes past start time, no late entries accepted.


UNWIND luxuriously layers modalities, such as mindful movements, gentle stretches, comfy restorative postures, aromatherapy, breath awareness, guided meditation, and reiki for the ultimate relaxing experience. Tension literally melts away from body and mind in these relaxing sessions.


Fitness Classes


FIT is a HIIT! In this empowering total-body workout expect bodyweight conditioning, strength training, core work, and all-levels cardio to get your heart rate going. This class will have you sweating tears of joy!


Our signature class, SWEAT, is all about energy, action, and fun! This class is set to lively music and offers challenging and creative flows, core work, and maybe a little booty shaking.

While SWEAT is vinyasa-based, it is not a traditional yoga class – expect an extra boost of cardio, thoughtful integration of strength and mobility drills, and to work muscles you never knew you had.

NOTE: The room gets pretty SWEATy. We set the temp to 80, but with all that work we put in, it heats up. This class moves fast, so some familiarity with yoga is recommended.


All-levels CORE-centric class that consists of mat pilates movements. Work your middle while strengthening and mobilizing your spine to it’s largest pain-free range of motion.


Get that BUTT of yours on the mat! BUTT offers a healthy mixture of bootylicious stretches and bodyweight conditioning exercises targeting your hind quarters. Set to great tunes, BUTT uses a mixture of resistance bands, weights, and gliders. Expect a yoga warm-up, followed by circuits, and a yoga cool-down. This class will leave you feeling stronger and more badASS!


Buti Yoga is a soulful blend of power yoga, cardio-intensive rhythmic movement, and deep abdominal toning through spiral structure techniques. Beat-blended movements get you out of your head and into your body. The energy is high, the bass is loud, and the moves are sexy.


Family Yoga


Meet other pregnant people and get your yoga on ODD style. Improve circulation, maintain a healthy spine, strengthen your uterus and pelvic muscles, and feel at ease throughout your pregnancy. For all stages of pregnancy – get your bump to class!


Having a baby comes with a lot of big life changes – mentally, physically, and emotionally. Leave Baby at home and take some time just for you in this class specifically designed for bodies that have been through pregnancy and childbirth.


Get down with your little one in a fun and supportive environment! Bring your newborns and babies up to 18 months. Bond with your baby while experiencing all of the benefits of yoga.

I’ve been a student of One Down Dog for 4 years. I deeply appreciate the community. There’s a wide variety of classes and all the instructors bring their own flavor to their classes. Across the board, I can expect kindness, modifications to fit where I’m at in my practice and a moment to center myself. The staff is exceptionally friendly. I’m glad to have this space to exercise my body and release my mind.
– Emily C.

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