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300hr Module 3: Asana, Anatomy, and Teaching Part 2

March 1st 6:00 PM - March 3rd 6:00 PM
Location: One Down Dog Echo Park
Led By: Niki Saccareccia & Courtney Sauls

This 54 hour advanced training takes place over the course of 5 weekends.

You're already a great teacher! This module is to help you freshen up your teaching skills with a focus on powerful theming, thoughtful adjustments, and smart cues.

This module is for those who have completed a 200 hour teacher training and want to deepen their understanding of the body to enhance compassion for all bodies and abilities.

Expect daily asana practice, group discussions, lectures, a lot of body observation, and practice teaching.

March 1-3 Body Reading with Niki

For yoga poses to be fully safe and rebalancing (sattvic), they need to be supple, sustainable and grounded in breath. In this weekend training, learn how to quickly observe body’s in asana and see where there is too much tension, not enough, and assist your students in returning to balance. By understanding key anatomical principles, we can assess a variety of bodies in a variety of postures and see clearly where we can make the most impact to create balance and realignment. This not only increases our professional confidence, but builds confidence in our students and their relationship to their own capabilities.

Learn how to see a body as a whole of interrelated parts and observe crucial misalignments easily. Learn critical thinking skills to evaluate the root cause of misalignment and offer clarifying instruction to your students and clients. Understand how to offer them support for adapting to injuries, create accessibility for various body proportions and limited or hyper-mobility. Understand the relationship and mechanical influences of the feet, legs, pelvis and spine, as well as the shoulder girdle and spine. Explore how every posture is an expression of breath and how the diaphragm, core and pelvic floor play a role in movement and stability. This weekend will train your eyes to observe and assist your students, client and self into refined alignment in a compassionate and holistic way.

What will be covered:

  1. Breath as an integrating principle of alignment
  2. Integral anatomy education, how fascial connections affect posture and the Tensegrity model.
  3. Individual and partner work, approaches for working with clients
  4. Supporting injuries and underlying structural conditions like scoliosis and pronation
  5. Understand the mechanics and relationship between the feet, legs, pelvis and spine and shoulder girdle
  6. View the body as a whole and integrated system instead of in parts
  7. Deep dive into principles of center of gravity, range of motion, tensegrity and base of support

March 8-10 Social Justice, Thoughtful Integration of Philosophy and Trauma Informed Yoga with Courtney

Yoga is liberation and freedom for all beings. This weekend, we will delve into the ways we can empower ourselves and our students to ultimately deepen connection with Universal Consciousness.

What to expect:

• An understanding of DEI principles, how they inherently show up in yoga philosophy, and how to apply them to our teaching
• Theming around social justice issues
• Trauma informed yoga

March 15-17 Verbal & Hands On Adjustments + Teaching Advanced Asana w/ Courtney & Niki

Offering hands-on support during classes and with clients is a powerful and direct tool for creating clarity around alignment, helping them to build confidence and independence on the mat, feel embodiment safely and feel well taken care of. But a lack of confidence or clarity on your part can create immediate confusion and distrust.

This workshop will cover the 2 types of adjustments we use, when to use them and how to apply specific adjustments to a variety of body sizes.

April 5-7 Teaching Advanced Asana w/ Steven

Details & Enrollment TBD

April 26-28 Refining Cues & Sequencing with Purpose w/ Niki & Courtney

Details & Enrollment TBD


When & Where:

Fridays from 6 to 9pm (either in person or online, depending on what each teacher thinks is best for that weekend)

Saturdays on Zoom from 9am-noon & at ODD Echo Park from 1pm-6pm

*except for March 16 and April 6, these will be from 11am-6pm at ODD Echo Park*

Sundays at ODD Echo Park from 9am-5pm

*except for March 17 and April 7, these will be from 9am-6pm*


Cost: $1,000

Payment plans available. Please email with any questions!

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