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Armen Menechyan

Los Angeles
Favorite Song/Artist:
I Will Survive
Odd Fact:
I love dealing with bureaucratic errands like applying for country visas and adding passport pages.
My Sign:
My Class Style:
I have a hard time letting go of the fact that I was a high school philosophy teacher. So, be ready for some philosophy messages ingrained in our safely sequenced flow. Oh and I love scaffolding and breaking it down.

I am an LA native with an accent no one can truly put their finger on. My earliest memory of yoga was my inability, as a high energy teen, to lay still in savasana. I had gotten my workout and I didn't understand why we needed to "relax", but I kept going back. Throughout the last decade, my yoga practice has shifted and evolved. Savasana and meditation are now my favorite. In 2014 I signed up at ODD and the studio became my haven. A few months later, with a new demanding full time career, I signed up for the ODD 200-hour teacher training. Soon after, I left my job as a secondary school educator of 10 years to dedicate my life to teaching yoga.

Appreciating and having dabbled in many styles of yoga, I am a strong believer of experimenting and being open to change, both in one's practice and in life, which brings me to my favorite quote: "change is the only constant in life". I'm excited to offer you all that I have had the opportunity to learn, for your own use, on and off the yoga mat.

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