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image of los angeles yoga teacher Asia Martin

Asia Martin

Washington D.C.
Favorite Song/Artist:
SZA, SAULT, Cleo Sol & Kaytranada
Odd Fact:
I'm a standup comedian!
My Sign:
My Class Style:
My classes are a safe space to be messy, silly and to seriously explore our little bodies and hearts without judgment. I'll begin class with an excerpt from a poem, novel or affirmation and root our flow into words we can come back to when we need encouragement in our deepest chair pose. You will laugh and feel all the feels and then we'll take our practice into the world. This practice is for you, and me, and us all and I'm so happy we get to flow together.

I'm originally from DC, lived in Chicago for ten years, and now I'm here in LA. I practiced yoga for the first time in college and hated it. It was too hard, my body felt rigid, my brain was too loud and the teacher made me feel out of place, I swore to never practice again. A few years later, I was invited to a class by a friend and experienced a mind-body connection that was ~euphoric~ It made my body feel like a home, and my mind felt like a nice place to be. I started practicing consistently in 2017, and in 2020, I ended up having a lot of "free time" at home, so I did a 200hr ytt. Once certified, I taught 20-minute morning flows on Instagram live, then I led beach classes, and finally, I snuggled into the joy of teaching in a studio. I will forever be a student and servant of this practice. 

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