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Caitlin Randolph

Teacher + On Demand Manager
Reno Nevada!
Favorite Song/Artist:
Any good songs/artists. All genres. Something with heart. Song requests are welcome. Love a yoga song that has a heavy heartbeat and a a clear breathiness.
Odd Fact:
I’ve been to Burning Man 12 times.
My Sign:
My Class Style:
Movement, music, and motivation. An all levels class with plenty of place to explore wherever you’re at. A playlist with a broad range with jams. An intention big or small.
I like snacks, I have a cute dog named Arrow who comes to work, and I have red hair. Let's talk about acting, hikes, and Ayurveda. I’ve always loved philosophy and feeling good. Like many people - my asana yoga journey was a practice of doing yoga, then not doing yoga, then doing yoga until I followed Jessica when she opened One Down Dog. I found myself returning to old thoughts of believing I had something to offer the fellow student next to me. That I COULD do teacher training. I could be a person to help illuminate what makes yoga magical for somebody else. Now with a community, a lifestyle, and a daily learning of “what yoga is”- I’m never going to stop practicing yoga. It’s just how I move through the world. Open heart, clear throat, active body, and mindful of the the things I usually move through mindlessly. For me, Yoga is about taking care of our bodies so we can get the most out of life. Our yoga mat is a place to practice, fail, and fly.

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