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Jasmynn Vaughan yoga Teacher los angeles

Jasmynn D. Vaughan

Chicago, IL
Favorite Song/Artist:
Steve Lacy & Saba hands down
Odd Fact:
I play four instruments (violin, trumpet, bass guitar, and clarinet)
My Sign:
My Class Style:
My goal is for students to leave with a deeper connection to and love for themselves, ways to make their practice accessible, and confidence that any body and I mean ANY BODY can do yoga. Yoga, to me, has been a way to love the body I have and celebrate the strength it provides for me everyday.  Come celebrate with me!

I'm a Long Beach resident and a devoted Bears fan. I stumbled into yoga looking for a way to maintain flexibility and ended up falling in love with it. The problem: I was always one-of-one in the classes I took, and not in a good way. So I decided to go to teacher training and take inclusion personally.

Even if I'm one-of-one as a teacher, every one of my students will feel included and that there's room in my class for them and their respective practices. I lucked up and found ODD for my teacher training and it was fertile ground for learning how to build and maintain community. This is the perfect place to be just as different as I want to be! And I get to share that with you.

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