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Kim Ritley

Bainbridge, OH (outside of CLE)
Favorite Song/Artist:
One is too hard, here's five: Broken Social Scene, Yo La Tengo, Kendrick Lamar, Nina Simone, Coltrane
Odd Fact:
I make placentas into pills for new mamas to consume. And I do it all in my kitchen. If you aren't too grossed out, ask me about it, I love to talk about it!
My Class Style:
Most important to me is for my classes to feel comfortable and supportive. I will remind you a hundred times that it is your practice and to trust your body. But I also can get a little crazy sometimes, and I make a lot of jokes even if I don't always get laughs. Unless it's restore, then I just rely on my relaxing voice.

My favorite way to do yoga is to play yoga! I like to tell bad jokes, make silly faces, be creative, and have fun. In yoga and in life! My yoga practice and teaching reminds me to get out of my head, into my body, and appreciate it. I have found much inner strength, and of course, physical strength from my practice, and I love to share that with others! I appreciate how yoga puts us in uncomfortable positions and forces us to breathe and really be in it to get through it. Daily, my practice helps me test my boundaries, face fear head-on, and forces me to actually feel my shit.

After completing my 200 hour teacher training and a certification in pre/postnatal yoga, I became obsessed with birth and babies, so I became a birth and postpartum doula. And now I pretty much live a dream life. My dream life anyway.

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