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ODDlight Student Feature: Lance Paullin!

Feb 4th, 2020 Abbigail #ODDlight

Here at One Down Dog, we like to put the spotlight on a student from time to time who we feel makes the studio a better place to be. This month, we had students and teachers nominate someone for our February ODDlight and we had the honor of choosing Lance Paullin!

Hey, Lance! You've been coming to One Down Dog for a while now-- tell us about yourself :)
I’m a herbivore who does comedy stuff. I also do a lot of acting and painting. I’ve been obsessed with skateboarding for over 20 years. I love dancing my face off. 

What's your sign? Leo!

Where ya from? Spokane, WA

What 5 words would your friends use to describe you?
Cosmic, wild card, positive, sensitive, puppy.

What is an odd fact about you?
I drive a 1999 Subaru Legacy that I bought as a freshman in high school. I have paid it off twice since having it. 

How did you find ODD?
I live down the street. My girlfriend told me I should sign up and see what it’s like. Turns out, you’re all pretty dang cool and fun and now you can’t get rid of me.  

What kind of classes do you gravitate toward at One Down Dog?
I usually split ‘em pretty evenly between chill and flow classes. Although, Yin is my all-time favorite. 

Which studio are we mostly likely to see you at?
Eagle Rock! And Echo Park when I wanna spice it up. 

What's the biggest reason you come to yoga?
To keep myself spiritually and mentally grounded. Also, shavasana.

Memorable yoga moment?
Breaking a hundred hours because it meant I finally found something that I love and am committed to doing almost everyday. I also got a pretty sweet deal on my B Mat. 

Follow us to nominate teachers and students for future features-- you may be up next!

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