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image of los angeles yoga teacher emalee sigur

Emalee Sigur

Atlanta, GA
Favorite Song/Artist:
Jessie Reyes
Odd Fact:
My Sign:
My Class Style:
Expect fun, strong flows with an emphasis on alignment and transitions. We'll vibe to mindful beats while fostering our mind-body connection and cultivate awareness both on and off the mat.

Cat & Dog Mom, Nature Lover, Joyful Scorpio. Prior to discovering yoga when I was 24, I was a former athlete who'd lost my connection to movement. I was looking for a shift for my mental and physical health - yoga was the answer. My practice gave me space to step into my mind-body connection and opened up a deeper path of self-discovery and healing. For me, I've learned some of my biggest life lessons while on the mat, and each session has something unique to offer.

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