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Natalie Burtney

suburbs of Detroit.
Favorite Song/Artist:
Anything rhythmic that makes you want to move. Think the dancey, hip-hop, indie stuff on KCRW. I pepper in old favorites and jams. I like to dance in between flowing, and give you space to do so too. All my playlists are public on Spotify.
Odd Fact:
Jessica, the studio owner and I grew up in the same area and have a ton of mutual friends on Facebook. We didn't know this until I had been practicing at the studio for a while.
My Sign:
My Class Style:
I teach a balanced, steady, and strong Flow with an emphasis on stability. I offer progressions for poses so that you can grow your practice. We repeat certain aspects of the practice for a few weeks in a row so that you can build on it and gain a deeper understanding of your body moving in space! My Chill classes are gentle, deep and will usually include a longer cool down. Expect some mindfulness practice, pranayama, lots of core work, curiosity, playfulness and dare I say, fun?!

One Down Dog is my family and foundation. It was the first studio I felt like I found a real yoga practice and a sense of community. Yoga has become more than just making cool shapes with my body (even though that can be really fun!) but a metaphor for my life and the value of practice and discipline and showing up for your whole self: That is empowering. I teach to share this with others. I see myself as a lifelong student of yoga. As my practice deepens, my teaching deepens. I received my 200 Hour certification called "Awakened Heart, Embodied Mind" a trauma-informed training with an emphasis on neuroscience, inclusive language, use of props to give your body feedback as to where you are in space, and modifications for all-bodies, all-levels.

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