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Niki Saccareccia

Melbourne, Fl
Favorite Song/Artist:
This question kills me... I am a proud music-snob! Tool, James Blake, Saul Williams, anything off of Soulection Radio...
Odd Fact:
 In college, my best friends and I started a guerrilla art project around Tampa to beautify the city.
My Sign:
My Class Style:
 I'm a nerd for anatomy and upholding Yoga's integrity as a holistic lifestyle, so my style is breath based and alignment-oriented. You're going to get the knowledge nuggets in my classroom! My mission is to amplify your self-awareness while facilitating a shift in consciousness that feels like deep relaxation and mental recalibration. My psych background and pickiness for great music are a constant, too.

I came to yoga when I was 12, struck mostly by the guided visualization in Corpse Pose, and started a dedicated practice when I was 20. I've been diving down the well ever since and have no intention of stopping. Yoga makes sense to me more than anything else. My formal training comes from 10 years as a clinical behavioral therapist. I studied Psych and did research on consciousness while in college. Through alignment, our natural source energy can express itself, and once we have a sense of that, we can follow the breadcrumbs back to it. Self-awareness, an innate curiosity for life, genuine kindness, levity and humility, connecting to the collective laughter at how absurd and wild and incredible it all is - this is the space I live my life from. Instrumental hip-hop fills in the blanks.

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