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Sarah Helt

Des Moines, Iowa
Favorite Song/Artist:
Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple
Odd Fact:
I became a yoga instructor because my clowning professor suggested it in college.
My Sign:
My Class Style:
I teach seasonally; so all my classes have a theme that aligns with nature in the present moment. I’ve been teaching yoga for over 10 years in Chicago, Vancouver, BC and right here in Los Angeles!

I am passionate about living in alignment with nature and making the practice of yoga accessible to you at whatever age, level of ability, or season you’re in. I’ve been a trauma-informed Accessible Yoga ambassador since 2015 and have done extensive work with clients who live with chronic pain and disability. I’ve taught just about every style of movement practice from Hot Power Vinyasa to Meditation to Chair Yoga and Qigong for the elderly.

My flow classes are a challenging mix of aligned yoga flow principles and unique energy movements related to five element theory. You can expect to move in fun and new ways while honoring the foundational basics of yoga asana (poses). I like to honor the roots of yoga by designing each class to have a deeply calming effect; as though you could comfortably sit in meditation for hours after. I teach Flow, Core, Yin and Restore. Can’t wait to see you in class!

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