#ODDlight: Meet Our New Teacher, Steven Arcos!


Steven (goes by either Steve or Steven, whichever name rings true to you!) is a long-time teacher in the Echo Park neighborhood who we are so lucky to have joined the ODDfam! His classes are strong (think arm balances and inversions) and he offers great insights into the poses and philosophy of yoga. A dedicated practitioner himself, he’ll have you exploring new shapes while charming your socks off. Come see Steven in class– early mornings at ODD Echo Park!

Meet Steven!

“I was born and raised right here in Los Angeles. (We do exist!) I started practicing yoga after a pretty tumultuous time in my life. It was the first thing I had in a long time that gave me self-confidence and community. I love yoga. The moment you step foot in my class you will know this. I spent my childhood (and my adult life) collecting comic books and wishing that I had superpowers. With yoga, I have accomplished that lifelong dream. 

When you do something you love there is a passion that is present that is undeniable and visceral. My superpower isn’t my flexibility or my strength. My power is my passion and my ability to care about and inspire my students’ journey. I believe in the power of intention. I believe in the power of laughter. I believe in the power that each of us brings to our practice. In my own personal practice, I love to work on handstands and backbends. I love adventures like road tripping with my partner just as much as I enjoy staying home reading or working on my comic book collection.

I also love doing things with my three little dogs and medium-sized snake. You can often find all five of us walking through the park on a warm afternoon.” 

Pronouns: he/him

Hometown: Echo Park

Favorite Artists: Thrice and Mariah Carey (not together, although that would be awesome)

ODD Fact: I have never lived outside of Los Angeles. 

Class style: Fun yet challenging, adventurous yet structured. Playful sequences with alignment-specific instruction that leads to accessible surprises. Classes have themes that connect yoga philosophy to modern life. You will leave with a smile!

Come see Steven in class– early mornings at ODD Echo Park! VIEW SCHEDULE >>