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ODDlight Teacher Feature: Courtney Sauls

Feb 7th, 2024 oddfam #ODDlight, Blog, Community

You may have heard Courtney's classes referred to as "church" or "sermons." You won't find institutionalized Christianity, of course, but you will find a deep understanding of yoga philosophy and an inspirational connection to whatever you consider to be a higher power (spoiler: it's already in you). Keep reading to get to know Courtney as exhaustively as she knows astrology and the Sutras, and then experience "church" firsthand at one of these four Courtney-led events:

FUBU FLOW: Pay-What-You-Can Black Community Class Tuesdays at 5:30pm in Echo Park  

Educational Weekend: Social Justice and Trauma Informed Yoga March 8 - 10 in Echo Park/Online

Workshop: Social Justice and Trauma Informed Day March 10 from 9a-4p in Echo Park 

Adventure: Sustainable Serenity, an ODD Retreat September 16 - 21 in Mexico


What are your "Big 3?" 

Leo sun ♌ Scorpio rising ♏ Pisces moon ♓ 

Three words to describe yourself?

Fair, kind, silly, fun, and my friends would also say I give great advice (I know that’s more than three words, oops!)

What's an ODD fact about you?

I changed the spelling of my name from Courtney to Courtnie when I was 9 and spelled it that way for over 20 years just because I thought it looked cool. Eventually I realized the OG way was more me!

One thing you're working on in your personal practice right now?

Not comparing my current self to my past self. Feeling guilt free about saying no. Having more compassion for myself. Learning how to self motivate and implement discipline kindly. All this work applies to my practice on the mat and off.

Where are you when you're not on the mat?

I love acting, napping, and hanging out with my husband and toddler.

Favorite food or restaurant?

Mexican food is my fav. Specifically Tex-Mex (native Texan here) which just means that cheese is slathered over everything lol.

Something that inspires you?

My mom and my daughter. I guess what came before and what comes after. Legacy. Lineage. Witnessing evolution in real time.

What initially inspired you to become a yoga instructor?

I didn’t see a lot of teachers that looked like me. And I was so changed by yoga that I wanted to share it. Also, it came naturally so I couldn’t deny dharma.

If your students take home ONE lesson from your class, what do you hope it is?

I don’t think it’s my place to say even though I will always come with a lesson okay?!?? It just might not be the one they need or want. I just want my students to have an experience. To feel something.

What song/album/playlist do you have on repeat right now?

It’s a podcast for meeeeeee! True crime, astrology, pop culture, yoga. Love them all!

One affirmation you always come back to?

The mantra Sat Nam-I am Truth, Universal Consciousness, Divine energy, limitless, boundless, free.


Get to know Courtney more by finding her on the class schedule

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