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ODDlight Teacher Feature: Vanessa Parr

Jul 1st, 2024 Karlei Lin #ODDlight, Blog

The Leonardo da Vinci of yoga, Vanessa Parr brings together a variety of inspirations, disciplines, and styles into one fun and sustainable practice – from sound engineering and Karaoke to distance running and dance. If you're working toward building the core strength, spinal stabilization, energetic conduction, joint & muscle movement, and confidence that will help you flip upside down in headstands, handstands, and other inversions, you can't miss Vanessa's July Inversions Workshop now hosted on the last Saturday of every month at Echo Park. If you can't make it to the workshop, Vanessa loves to leave time for students to play with inversions in FLOW+.

Vanessa is just as good at turning you right side up as upside down; every class seeks to challenge you while providing ample opportunities to adjust for your energy level, find "AHA" moments, and experience the abundant joy the universe has to offer, as long as you don't watch a musical biopic with Vanessa – her years as a sound engineer will come out in less-than-fun ways!


Five words to describe yourself?

Empathetic, energetic, sarcastic, awkward, entertained

What's an ODD fact about you?

Due to the fact that I've been a sound engineer by trade since I was 22, I am an absolutely terrible person to go see a music bio-pic with. I will tear it apart!:D With love, of course!

One thing you're working on in your personal practice right now?

Contentment. Being ok with where I'm at, and not attaching to outcomes.

Where are you when you're not on the mat?

At my desk, editing and mixing music. You'll also find me at the gym, lifting and running, or trying out Karaoke bars with my friends!

Favorite food or restaurant?

Due to my ethnic background, I should say Mexican, but the truth is I LOVE cooking Roman-style pastas, and really all Italian food!

Something that inspires you?

People who find their passions or successes at a later age. In a world is obsessed with youth-culture, it's inspiring to see people continue to evolve as they grow, and a reminder that we don't all have to have it figured out just yet!

What initially inspired you to become a yoga instructor?

As an avid lover of movement, especially dance, yoga hooked me with all the purpose behind the movements. That, combined with a love of anatomy, and a desire to help people get out of or prevent pain, inspired me to become a teacher.

Where are you inviting play into your practice/day to day?

Play! Don't take it all so seriously.

If your students take home ONE lesson from your class, what do you hope it is?

The practice of yoga is more about how it leaves you feeling, rather than what you did, or how it went. Your progress isn't measured in the poses.

What song/album/playlist do you have on repeat right now?

I am obsessed with this playlist I made last week for class. I love the vibes, and feel like it represents a lot of genres I enjoy.

One affirmation you always come back to?

I believe in the abundance of the universe.

How are you feeling good these days?

By putting my energy towards things I believe in. It's easy to feel powerless, like you have no control, but we can all make small choices about how we spend our time and money. When I make good choices, I feel good.


Get to know Vanessa more by finding her on the class schedule!

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