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Explore Online Yoga & Fitness Classes

May 22nd, 2020 Abbigail Uncategorized

Explore online yoga and fitness classes at One Down Dog! Your first class is $5.


Vinyasa yoga class with ODD flare. Warm-up, flow strong, cool down.
Find FLOW on the schedule >>

Flow class with YIN at the end! Enjoy an active strong flow of poses followed by the long stretches you seek in yin.
Find FLOWDOWN on the schedule >>

Slow flow. Long warm-up, long cooldown, with just enough effort in the middle to get you in the mood to relax.
Find CHILL on the schedule >>

Trauma-informed slow flow. There's yoga, dancing, singing, and a range of things to help you heal.
Find REFUGE on the schedule >>

Stretch it out. Time spent in solid stretches with support where you need it. You'll experience everything from engaged stretches to big melt in the muscles.
Find YIN on the schedule >>

An entirely supported class. The goal is not to stretch but rather to teach your body to relax into new shapes. Your heart CAN be open without effort.
Find RESTORE on the schedule >>

This back care class hits the classic neck, shoulder, low back pain plus you have a chance to share your individual needs, injuries, or pain.
Find BACK on the schedule >>

Flow class with accessibility and space for you and babies changing needs. You'll build heat, find some effort, and feel supported and powerful in our prenatal classes.
Find PRENATAL on the schedule >>

A stress-free opportunity to connect with yourself and your little one. No worries if the baby is napping or nursing in the class. Take the time we have for whatever rises.
Find BABY & ME on the schedule >>

Engaging kids with movement, sound, and mindfulness. (Classes are broken into different age groups.)
Find KIDS YOGA on the schedule >>

30 minute guided meditation of a wide variety. About 15 minutes of guidance with time to settle into the meditation.
Find MEDITATE on the schedule >>

A Yoga Nidra nap-time practice. This class is part lecture, part guided mediation to send you into a deep, conscious nap.
Find SLEEP on the schedule >>


A vinyasa yoga class with cardio, fun, and fitness. Flow fast, extra reps, build your internal heat!
Find SWEAT on the schedule >>

45 minute high-intensity interval training!
Find FIT on the schedule >>

Yoga with weights! Organized repetitive movements to discover new elements of your regular poses.
Find SCULPT on the schedule >>

Yoga warm-up and cool down with some fitness for you're booty in the middle!
Find BUTT on the schedule >>

Yoga with mat pilates! It's more than crunches. Stabilizing, healing, great for the back and hips too!
Find CORE on the schedule >>

Yoga meets dance and plyometrics. Shake your booty in this sensual party yoga class.
Find BUTI on the schedule >>

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