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Welcome Back, Sam!

Aug 27th, 2020 Abbigail #ODDlight, Community

samanth jameson

One of the perks of online classes is that our favorite teachers who have moved across the country can teach with us again! Samantha Jameson used to lead classes at One Down Dog and will always be part of the ODD fam!

She's based in Michigan and will be leading early morning SWEAT and FLOW (Eastern folx, take note)! We're so excited she's back on the schedule starting with Monday morning SWEAT. Check out the schedule >>

Learn a little about Samantha here, then join her classes and welcome her back!

About Samantha

"I'm a multi-dimensional healer and intuitive counselor, wtf is that? I'm a decade long student and teacher of yoga + meditation, Reiki, and Ayurvedic Medicine. I use my studies, experience, and intuition to lead classes and guide my one-on-one clients on their journey, wherever they're going. I'm also a birth + postpartum doula, and super passionate about contributing to closing the gap between Eastern + Western medicine."

Fav Song/Artist

"It's a three-way between Bonobo, Wu Tang, and pretty much all the disco songs made."

An ODD Fact About Samantha

"My spiritual name is Nav Dasjoti Kaur, it means "the Princess/Lioness who embodies her renewed and radiant self by serving God with profound, heartfelt devotion done in the highest consciousness. And my favorite food is pizza."

Samantha's Teaching Style

"Fluid and flowy/ I will test the limits of your body, but more so your mind and spirit, my classes are a doozy (in a great way). I'll set you up with an insane soundtrack, and I'll probably say some profanities, but am truly an insanely nurturing person, just keeping it real."

Book a class with Sam! >>

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