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Meet Nikita, our newest instructor at One Down Dog!

Dec 2nd, 2020 Abbigail #ODDlight, Community

Nikita Chaudhry just joined the teaching team at One Down Dog! You can currently find her teaching our FIT and BUTT classes online (but keep an eye out for more)!

We're so excited for you to join the ODDfam- tell us about yourself!

Actor, activist, educator, mover & shaker of things. I’m an NYU Tisch grad who somehow punched, kicked, and twirled her way to the west coast. Alongside performing and organizing, I’ve taught a variety of fitness formats over the past 6+ years in NYC & LA. I move because I can, because it feels good, and because it heals. Currently pursuing as many things as I possibly can, in an effort to make the world a little better.

Where ya from?

Baltimore, MD

What's your favorite song or artist?

AH this changes on the daily – sometimes by the hour! (I’m a great time) Ask me for my current jam in class and tell me yours!

What's an 'ODD' fact about you?

Both my siblings’ and my birthdays are all palindromes.

What's your steez (or teaching style)?

Come as you are! All are welcome here. Guiding you to find home in your own body, even as it changes day to day. As a dancer and singer, I’m always driven and inspired by music, so my classes are usually rhythmic and aim to cultivate joy, strength and sweat. You’ll leave feeling empowered and proud…but also like jello! 

Catch Nikita teaching FIT and BUTT this week online at ODD!


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