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#ODDlight Featured Student: Claire Borders!

Apr 2nd, 2021 Abbigail #ODDlight, Blog

Claire showed up with a big YES I AM HERE. In 2015 she signed up for our yoga teacher training and has been an incredibly peaceful and consistent presence since. She's explored the range of ODD classes over her years, always attentive to what she needs. This year was no different. Showing up for weekly meet-ups, outdoor classes, dance parties, outdoor adventures, themed classes… If ODD worked hard planning something - Claire will show up.

Meet ODD regular, Claire!


"I found ODD in 2015. I'd been in LA for a few months and was desperately trying to find my place in it. I didn't have a job and I knew two people, both of whom lived in the Valley while I was on the other side of Pasadena, aka I saw them maybe one time. So I was very lonely and very bored. I'd been wanting to do teacher training at my home studio in New York for a while (#GivingTreeYogaStudio4Eva), and with nothing else going on, I decided it was finally time. I did a lot of Googling but kept coming back to ODD. The emphasis on community and killer music reminded me of my old studio, and I thought the web design was really cool (I'm a double Libra, we like pretty things). My first visit to the studio was for an info session where I met Jess for the first time and a few weeks later I started teacher training. I've been coming back ever since."


"ODD online definitely makes my therapist's job easier, I can't imagine going through all of this without it. At the same time, I'm constantly missing in-person classes at the studio. As someone who worked from home pre-pandemic, I really relied on the studio for daily in-person interaction and community, so it's been a major adjustment. There's no way to replicate that energy at home, but online yoga has its perks. Because of ODD online, I still get to practice with Este while they're in Mexico, and I love seeing everyone's pets pop in during class." 


"I'm a sucker for a themed class. Pet yoga with Caitlin and Broadway yoga with Hallie are some of my recent faves. Yoga, dogs and show tunes should always go together."

Join our ODDfam in class, online or in-person!

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