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Yoga Philosophy Workshop with Nish the Fish!

Sep 20th, 2021 Abbigail Education, Practice

Journey to the Heart of Yoga: A Yoga Philosophy Workshop with Nish Selvalingam

AKA Nish the Fish! Nish is a poet, songwriter and yoga teacher in Los Angeles, California (and yes we love his TikToks). We're so excited he will be joining us October 3rd at One Down Dog in Echo Park for an extensive workshop from 2-6 pm (Pacific Time) that gets to the core of yoga. What is Yoga really? Where did it come from? Who invented it? And what for?

Buckle in.

"We all come to spiritual life in one way or another. Some of us come to it through grief, through losing things that are important to us in the inevitable passage of time. Others come to spirituality because of a deep dissatisfaction with the consumer culture-driven pleasures and accolades offered to us by advertising. And yet others sense in a gentle and quiet way the possibility of something more, the sense that there is more to you than just physicality and psychology. “What am I beyond this body and mind?”

Suddenly you become aware of various spiritual traditions in the world that can offer you the answer to this question.

Among these traditions, yoga is the oldest. But what is Yoga really? Where did it come from? Who invented it? And what for? Over the years the message of Yoga has been distorted, diluted, and misunderstood. You sense there is perhaps more to the story than what you’ve so far heard.

In this workshop, we will explore the very birth of Yoga and its journey from East to West. We will explore the Vedas and the Upanishads as well as Tantra and the Yoga Sutra to extract the deepest, subtlest, and most transformative ideas of this 9000-year-old lineage of which you are now a part!

Buckle in. We are going on a journey. It is a journey into yourself. Because the heart of Yoga is not other than your very own heart."


Unity in Diversity! One truth, many expressions. ##truth ##god ##all ##religion ##is ##one ##hindu ##india ##history ##art ##yoga ##witchtok ##witch ##spirituality

♬ original sound - Nish The Fish

Get Tickets!

Join in person at our Echo Park studio in Los Angeles or online via Zoom! Space is limited in person, and proof of vaccination is required to attend.

To get a slice of free yoga philosophy take a peek - at this youtube class with Courtney!

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